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AMSOIL 0W20 - 100% Synthetic Motor Oil

Our 5W20 is good but the 0W20 offers performance and protection you didi not know possible plus a 25,000 mile guarantee.FUEL EFFICIENT - ENERGY SAVING

Takes the worry out of the 5W20, 0W20, 5W30 debate! Guaranteed to protect and outperform. Now "Signature Series"!

0W-20 100% Synthetic Motor Oil (ASM)
Like a secrete weapon, you will not find another truly 100% synthetic 20 weight viscosity for your engine that offers the features as this one! AMSOIL 100% Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil (ASM) delivers extraordinary lubrication for automotive gasoline engines. AMSOIL combined the industry premier synthetic technology and additives into a light viscosity formulation that withstands high temperatures and delivers outstanding fuel economy and cold temperature performance.

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Look up your vehicle's filters, capacities, plugs, wires, wipers and Transmission/Drivetrain Fluids.

Available in Quarts, 12 quart case, Gallons, 4-Gallon case and various drums!

AMSOIL ASM replaces SAE 5W-20 and is recommended for extended drain intervals according to AMSOIL service interval guidelines. It delivers long-lasting performance and protection.

AMSOIL, the leader in automotive synthetic lubrication, produced the world’s first API qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972. Trust the extensive experience of AMSOIL The First in Synthetics® to do the best job protecting your engine.

Download our printable 0W20 Data Sheet (Product code ASM)

Extends Drain Intervals
AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil can extend drain intervals far beyond those recommended for conventional oils. Its unique synthetic formulation and long drain additive system are very stable, resisting oxidation and neutralizing acids. AMSOIL ASM delivers the best possible engine protection, cleanliness and performance over extended drain intervals, reducing vehicle maintenance and waste oil disposal costs.

Maximizes Fuel Economy
AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil is designed to maximize energy efficiency for improved fuel economy. Its light viscosity properties reduce drag and its uniform molecular structure helps it flow more freely to lower friction between metal surfaces. Anti-friction additives are included to further improve energy efficiency.

Protects Against Wear
AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil is a shear stable formulation with a high viscosity index. It provides excellent viscosity film strength to separate metal surfaces and contains robust anti-wear additives for the best possible engine protection.

The big question we hear on the phone as well as discussed on several Ford, Dodge, Toyota,& Honda, forums is: "Which is better a 5W20 or 0W20? Can I just use a 5W30 or higher? I worry about such a thin oil."

Answer: AMSOIL Developed this 0W20 to be the ultimate upgrade or replacement from a 5W20 - Designed to provide that extra protection so you can enjoy all the benefits of a "20WT" motor oil. I will answer this further below but this is the real 100% Synthetic designed for extended intervals and is backed with a engine protection Guarantee from AMSOIL INC. The only guarantee in the industry!

Reduces Oil Consumption and Emissions
Volatility (burn-off) occurs when oil gets hot, causing high oil consumption and emissions. AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil has a very low volatility rate, making it excellent at controlling volatility related oil consumption and emissions.

Ford and Honda engines are best protected with AMSOIL ASM 0W20Excels in Extreme Temperatures
AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil resists thermal breakdown better than conventional oils. It is heavily fortified with detergent and dispersant additives to prevent sludge deposits and keep engines clean. And unlike conventional oils, AMSOIL ASM contains no wax. It stays fluid down to -65°F for improved cold temperature oil flow, reduced bearing wear and easier starting.

AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil is recommended for Honda, Acura, Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Ford and all other applications where SAE 0W-20 or 5W-20 is required with the following specifications:

  • API SM/CF, SL, SJ. . .
  • ILSAC GF-4, 3. . .
  • ACEA A1/B1
  • Ford WSS-M2C930-A
  • Daimler Chrysler MS-6395N

AMSOIL ASM is compatible with conventional and synthetic motor oils. Mixing AMSOIL motor oils with other oils, however, will shorten the oil life expectancy and reduce the performance benefits of AMSOIL. AMSOIL does not support extended drain intervals where oils have been mixed. Aftermarket oil additives are not recommended for use with AMSOIL motor oils.

AMSOIL Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil is recommended for extended drain intervals in unmodified(1), mechanically sound(2) gasoline-fueled vehicles as follows:

• Normal Service(3) – Up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.

• Severe Service(4) – Up to 15,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.

• Replace AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter at the time of oil change, up to 25,000 miles or one year service life, whichever comes first (other brands at standard OEM* intervals).

• In all non-gasoline fueled vehicle applications, extend the oil change interval according to oil analysis or follow the OEM* drain interval.

*OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

(1) Engines operating under modified conditions are excluded from extended drain recommendations. Examples include the use of performance computer chips; non-OEM approved exhaust, fuel or air induction systems; and the use of fuels other than those recommended for normal operation by the manufacturers.

(2) Mechanically sound engines are in good working condition and do not, for example, leak oil or consume excessive amounts, are not worn out, do not overheat, do not leak anti-freeze and have properly working emission control systems. AMSOIL recommends repairing malfunctioning engines prior to the installation of AMSOIL synthetic oils.

(3) Personal vehicles frequently traveling greater than 10 miles (16 km) at a time and not operating under severe service.

(4) Turbo or supercharged vehicles, commercial or fleet vehicles, excessive engine idling, first and subsequent use of AMSOIL in vehicles with over 100,000 miles, daily short trip driving less than 10 miles (16k), frequent towing, plowing, hauling or dusty condition

Amsoil Center is where your 0W20 is made. Uses a state of the art inline mixing system which guarantees unmatched quality control in dditive combinations.


 AMSOIL 100% Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil (ASM)

Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270)


VISC. CCS, cP (ASTM D-5293)

4069 (-35)

Flash Point °C (°F) (COC) (ASTM D-92)

228 (442)

Fire Point °C (°F) (COC) (ASTM D-92)

246 (475)

Pour Point °C (°F) (COC) (ASTM D-97)

-54 (-65)

NOACK (% weight loss) (ASTM D-5800)


Four Ball Wear, 75°C, 1200 rpm, 40kg, 1 hour (ASTM D-4172B)


Total Base Number


High Temperature/High Shear Viscosity
(ASTM D-4683 @ 150°C, 1.0 X 106 s.-1), cP


Order your AMSOIL EA Nanofiber oil filter to match 15,000 or 25,000 mile intervals.

Now that we have both 5W20 and 0W20 choices in all our tiers of motor oil the choices are easy. I stress though when a "20" weight is needed turn to AMSOIL's Signature Series (either 5W20 or 0W20).

Well first we have to lay out the reasons for the sudden trend of these lighter viscosities. The reason behind it was due to the EPA's demands for better miles per gallon. A lighter viscosity will cause the engine to consume less fuel. But with the latest emission standards for exhaust gasses, to burn fuel more completely the engine intake and combustion areas must remain at higher temperatures. These higher temperatures cause all sorts of issues on motor oil.
A non-synthetic will tend to loose it's viscosity more rapidly, you will need to top off more often as the lighter oils will evaporate through the PCV system and the combination of these also cause more severe engine deposits. Some of which will cause losses of protection and oil pressure.
So, that said use only the best 0W20 or 5W20 to avoid these problems.

We know that Toyota has already experienced problems using conventional oils in the 5W20 range and Dodge vehicles with the multi-displacement engines have problems if the viscosity is off slightly. AMSOIL Signature Series or XL Series will safeguard against these problems and how could you go wrong with an oil (the only one) which has a guarantee behind it even if you use it under the extended intervals! Amsoil will replace your engine if our oils fail to protect. That's been the case for almost 400 years now.



A 0W20 and 5W20 are the same operational weight. The "W" is the winter viscosity adjustment rating - NOT the viscosity. A 0W oil will be the 20 or 30 WT at a lower temperature meaning at room temperature it will remain closer to the actual operating viscosity than a 5W or 10W. In general with synthetics the "0W" ratings are a signal of higher quality and with AMSOIL you get the quality needed to ensure that a lower viscosity oil will handle the high temperature shear. (High-Shear Viscosity)

What prompted me to write the above comments was regarding a couple articles from 2010 in Lubes & Greases regarding the new proposed 5W5, 5W10 and 5W15 grades. The arguments currently are regarding what the boundaries for maximum shear or viscosity loss will be. The researchers (journalist for Lubes & Greases - Steve Swedberg) are also concerned about the quality control of the lubricant manufacturer regarding the more stringent oil classes currently existing. My comments are the point of this whole website. AMSOIL's base quality is due to the platform built into the AMSOIL Manufacturing Center in Superior. Mr. Amatuzio takes the reputation of these products seriously so no compromises are made when you are determined to offer the highest quality in the industry! And that is backed by the only guarantee of its type in the industry!

I do admit in the past I shared the opinion with many other AMSOIL dealers that when someone questions the 5W20 in his or her Ford for example that I would encourage then to shy away from that and go for the better protection of the 5W30. I would say this knowing the reason for the "twenty weights" was due to CAFE requirements. But that was the case then, now these engines have been engineered for less wear and actually thrive with the reduced load and better flow characteristics of a 5W-20 or 0W20. You can prove this to yourself through oil analysis. Some engines may even have a difficult time running on weight heavier than 5W20 or 0W20.

Dodge's variable displacement is required to use 5W20 due to sensors and another concern is with engines having the smaller capillary tubes feeding the valve train. A slight increase in viscosity could starve the engine of cooler oil.

Yes, you can use any viscosity you wish even under warranty - the The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 guarantees you that right unless the manufacture specifically presents to you in writing that viscosity is the only choice. If they nail down a particular brand, then they must give the product to you free of charge. That said, many of our customers are using AMSOIL's ASL 5W30 in these applications in the older models.
However it would be foolish to use 10W40's or 20W50 oils in these engines unless the manufacturer or service department gives you the green light.

AMSOIL Engine Flush - Great way to maximize the power of AMSOIL!

Amsoil's performance improver adds to the savings of 0W20 - two products that pay for themselves.Further increase your mileage and prevent injector trouble with the popular AMSOIL PI - Performance Improver. Just one use every 4000 miles restores up to 50 miler per tank of gas - this product doesn't give you energy from nothing, it simply restores your fuel system to like new condition. When you see the improvement you will then realize just how bad quality the fuel is today. I was one of the first to try this product in my Mini Cooper in 2006 and did indeed gain 50 miles per tank. Cab companies report - No more injector failures!

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Dealership Opportunities

AMSOIL Dealer Opportunities in 2015 provide you with the ultimate home business opportunity with over 40 years of continuous growth to back it up. These products ARE IN DEMAND! We will help you stay on course but you can become totally financially independent if you put in the effort, Call me or one of my dealers and we would love to discuss it with you.
The big thing now is getting AMSOIL in local stores, independent lube centers and automotive shops. We have a successful method to secure local business not to mention the latest in shelving, display, free installer & retailer locator listings on the corporate site, personalized materials for the shop and free shipping for those who qualify.

AMSOIL is the auto enthusiasts hero! And increases in advertising and regional support teams are there to make it more possible for you to reach your goals as an AMSOIL dealer.

Join us every year for AMSOIL University or try the upcoming online version and get ready to tell the old boss good-bye. We can even help you open your very own Amsoil Retail Store!

AMSOIL's highest demands are in both the diesel and powersports sector. We urge you to print out our Dealer Sign-up Form or even better - call us and then read more in our Dealer Opportunities section. We may also have a team of dealers close to you so call and we will forward their information.

Industry is pointing consumers our way from every direction:

  • AMSOIL is becoming a household name. Customers are expecting to find it locally.
  • Vehicle manufacturers are installing synthetic oil into new vehicles on the production line.
  • Cars & Trucks made before 1995 need oils with more anti-wear additives and better quality detergents.
  • Drivers discovering top quality (real) synthetics do indeed increase fuel mileage.
  • New lubricant trends demanded by industry are developed well before the engine and transmission technologies hit the marketplace. This allows AMSOIL to further develop their product even further while the competition arrives late testing their product after the requirement goes live.
  • New emission systems demand oils, which can take more heat and leave fewer deposits. Currently diesel engine changes have created problems which demand more stable base stocks. We have them and you save more fuel to boot!
  • OEM Automatic Transmission Fluids are limited to light duty use. AMSOIL ATF and Low Viscosity Trans Fluid cuts temperature significantly and delivers more power to the wheels. Our transmission fluids continue to be well ahead of the industry because of AMSOIL's relationship with suppliers.
  • They are demanding better lubrication qualities from the oil to improve fuel economy.
  • Commercial vehicles Require synthetics in transmission and drivetrain parts to retain extended warranties. (And better power transfer).
  • Environmentally we can not go on disposing of the millions of gallons of oil each year that is the bi-product of 3,000 mile oil change intervals - Imagine if everyone changed their oil at say 7,500 miles instead. The used oil disposal problem would be cut by 50%. Yes 50%, not just 1 or 2% - Now consider the impact of a 25,000 and beyond oil change interval.
  • OEM fill and recommended product now from several lines such as Eric Buell Motorcycles.
  • AMSOIL is MADE in USA.

As one of the largest and fastest growing groups recognized by AMSOIL, and (we think) the most responsive, we offer the communication and tools you can use. We help the customer find you. Come visit our AMSOIL Store and see how you too can make online ordering obsolete in your area too!

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