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Our main selling products are the motorcycle oil, air filters and diesel oil.

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Manual Transmission GL-4 (MTG) for Easier Shifting



Amsoil Dealers of Dallas, TX and Metro area

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Serving the following areas in and around Dallas: Addison, Allen, Arlington, Balch Springs, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, De Soto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving, Lancaster, Lewisville, Melissa, McKinney, Mesquite, Rockwall, Royse City, Rowlett, Richardson, Sachse, Seagoville, Sunnyvale and any other surrounding area.

We represent the largest group in the Dallas - Fort Worth area and the top 5 in volume in the US. We can meet any need.

Call any of the dealers below for help. If you can't reach someone or you want product shipped to you from Arlingron call me at 800-579-0580. Shipping rates are much lower than most think!

Dallas Area and Lewisville area. We have a great opportunity available for you!! Both East Dallas and the Lewisville are lacking a good stocking dealer. We'll help you get the word out if you join our group. I started my AMSOIL business in East Dallas and since moving no one has filled the void. Lots of sales from high end customers. Customer will drive to you if you have the inventory. Call me today at 605-521-0742 for more details and also check out our dealer page.

Call us or order directly online from the AMSOIL HQ.

Certified AMSOIL Dealers:


Allen, Frisco, N. Dallas, Plano and Mckinney call our local stocking dealers"Barefoot" Bob at (mobile) 972 529-0270
Or Steve Rocha 469-667-2916
Or Mark Mlcak 214-336-7513

Arlington dealers: Tom Buddenbohn 817-466-0565
Jesse Benavente 817-637-4439
Ches Cain - 800-579-0580

Lake Dallas/Denton, Lewisville or Carrollton: Ed Orlando 940-390-4183 Ed offers mobil delivery with his Matco Truck.

Denton amsoil - Ed Orlando - 940-390-4183

Richardson stocking Dealer - Ron Ward - 972-231-0773

Rowlette: Joseph Paulowski 972-475-9533

McKinney: George Duffy (214) 592-9938
or David Perio 214-842-4242

Grand Prairie: Kevin Stacey (214) 669-2459

Or call 800-579-0580 to avoid traffic and have product drop shipped out of Arlington. Low Rates!

Amsoil's Mike LaRocco in Dallas

Join us as a Dealer! Excellent income opportunities!

New - AMSOIL 4-stroke outboard oils. New Dallas motorcycle oils. Please visit our Marine section then contact our local dealers for the best price and availability.

Dallas is one of the fastest growing AMSOIL Markets and the most stable. Although there are a lot of dealers, very few are active So you can always depend on us for fast and above par service.

The Synthetic warehouse is owned by Ches Cain and we are full time to serve you around the clock.

Be sure to look at our new oil and air filters which use nanotechnology for 100% guaranteed filtration. Please examine the Absolute Efficiency Air Filters or the 100% efficient at 15 micron Ea Oil filters. Remarkably these match the general interval AMSOIL engine oils are famous for which is 25,000 miles. In Texas this saves people money.

Please enter the main site for more information or simply call any of the dealers above. Should you have multiple vehicles or need to order frequently, be sure to ask for the Preferred Customer or Dealer form. This gives you the benefit of ordering direct for the wholesale price

AMSOIL - used by the greatest teams of racing, Other brands may fancy up the skin with their logo but that is not what's used under the hood. Experienced teams in the public eye know AMSOIL results in greater dependability.

Grass roots racing teams who use AMSOIL never switch back to their previous brand. While advertising with our trade show booth, existing patrons commentary reflects this pattern.
Customers can't believe the lower temperatures in all aspects including off-shore racing. The added result is the one most important benefit - significantly less failures.
This was told to me first hand from Bobby Unser Senior. When he needs the best he calls Al Amatuzio (AMSOIL) for the answer.

But the core of our customers are average commuters and commercial businesses looking to cut costs in fuel and average vehicle life. AMSOIL is known for it's ability to reduce downtime and serious costly mechanical failures in all applications: Automotive, Heavy-duty Equipment, Compressors, Lawn and Golf Course Equipment, Marine, Motorcycle and more.

From Mesquite to Carrollton, the bypass filters make life easier in Dallas.When using AMSOIL, be sure to check out the By-Pass filtration systems as By-Pass systems here.

The bypass kits have been in use for over 18 years. These not only eliminate the other 60% of contaminants your factory filter leaves in the system, but the AMSOIL bypass system allows automobile, light truck and heavyduty diesel engines to extend the life of the AMSOIL suggested interval beyond 200,000 miles. That's why many dealers here in the dallas area no longer change their oil on their vehicles. We just change filters and top off. In 2006 this filter is getting its first upgrade in 10 years. Stay tuned for more details!

There is a high demand for all of our synthetic lubricants in the Dallas area but especially the Motorcycle, Diesel and two cycle products. We usually have what you need in stock or can have it the very next day. Just call.

With gas prices so high in DFW, AMSOIL has the solution. Add up to 9% to your mileage. You can normally reach 25,000 miles or one year before draining your oil. I am currently at 68,000 miles on my car and just changed my oil for the 4th time. Over the last ten thousand after changing to AMSOIL MTF synchromesh transmission fluid, I have increased from 32 on the highway to 36 to 39 mpg depending on the fuel I use.

Save even more with our new (EaA) - absolute efficiency nanofiber air filters guaranteed to last 100,000 miles or 4-years. At one year or 25,000 miles the AMSOIL (Ea) air filter can be cleaned by compressed air or vacuum at the same time as your oil change helping you consolidate maintenance. NO OIL NEEDED! This reduces your filter costs to about $9 per year rather than buying a new cellulose air filter every 10,000 miles. The new AMSOIL Ea Air filter is OEM Certified for fit and warranty compliance. This is the only place in Dallas you can find these.


AMSOIL Keeps Business Local
AMSOIL's drivetrain products protect vehicles under warranty even with extended intervals. If you go from 3000 mile intervals to 25,000 mile intervals on engine oil, extend transmission intervals 3X while virtually eliminating (automatic) transmission failure not only do you save $ but you are doing your part to reduce the need for foreign oil significantly.

One car driving 25,000 miles a year over 5 years considering the engine capacity of 5 quarts and transmission oil of 10 quarts (Automatic) generally saves about 202.5 quarts of oil in that 5-year period. So a 1,000,000 vehicle population of a large metroplex will reduce lubricant oil dependence thanks to AMSOIL 100% synthetics by 50,600,000 gallons in 5 years..

Add in the average of 5% savings on fuel using AMSOIL lubricants and fuel additives and if you change your driving habits moderately by driving at posted speed limits on the interstate keeping a cap of 65 MPH you could save another 15%. So someone who uses 40 gallons per week will reduce their need for gasoline by 8-gallons. Multiply out a year that is a savings of 416 gallons. Assuming 1/2 the people in Texas fit this profile of 40 gallons per week and adapted this principle - that is 23 Million population - half of that would have the effect to save about 4.7 billion gallons of gas in that state alone every year.

Someone who thinks about their country first over their own personal needs may in addition to the above find additional ways to reduce energy demands and then we have the solution to the price gouging and future taxes which are about to come about thanks to your friendly auto manufactures and senators. (Don't believe it? Take a look at this article by a favorite trusted source)

AMSOIL is one tool to help you live more independently and get off the grid. Unfortunately we had the products and safe storage tank technology available to power our cars 100% with Hydrogen gas. The Consumer protection agency stepped in and is now preventing us from purchasing the materials needed to separate Hydrogen from natural gas for this cheap energy source protecting the future of dependence of foreign oils and the expensive and unnecessary "Hydrogen fuel cells".

Just like any other product in our free enterprise system, if we work together to reduce the need for petroleum products the price will drop and you save your hard earned dollars. St. Louis commuters can stick it to the man with AMSOIL. You can start today. See our list of how you can reduce your dependence on foreign oil.


Local Dallas demand has created a great need for AMSOIL dealers in this area, especially in the outlying areas and in the suburbs. You get excellent support from myself as I am part of one of the most resourceful AMSOIL dealer groups in the country. We can send local and web generated leads your way. The #1 question we get from local customers is, "Where can I find AMSOIL here in Cedar Hill." or any other city.

Our distribution center can quickly have your product anywhere whether you need 2-cycle for your dirt bikes or ATV oil, or if you have a weed eater you need to last in the full sun season city of Dallas.

Any dealers interested will have a better than average opportunity to pick up on strong leads and grow their businesses if you join us. Ask for a copy of the AMSOIL Magazine or our group newsletter. Be sure to check out our Dealer page. Thank you!

Certified AMSOIL Dealers and Dallas area AMSOIL Contact:

What should a quality synthetic lubricant do?

AMSOIL gives you more for your money as it performs these tasks longer.


Featured New Items for Summer 2006

New AMSOIL Commercial 10W30 SAE30 Synthetic

"This is one of the most versatile AMSOIL products in years. Ideal for operations who subject their 4-stroke engines to heavy loading, extended operations, want to benefit from extended life and performance, want to reduce the # of products needed for several diesel and gas motors and want to decrease fuel and maintenance costs."

Click image to learn more on testing and endurance

Engine Fogging Oil

The industry is beginning to recognize the relationship between storage-related corrosion and premature engine failures and performance problems. Most two- and four-stroke motor oils are formulated to have an affinity to engine component surfaces, acting as a barrier that keeps condensate from contacting engine components and forming corrosion. However, the effectiveness of motor oil in this area diminishes with time.

AMSOIL Fogging Oil Solves Long Term Storage Issues.

Our best selling products in the Dallas Fort Worth area:

AME 15W40 Heavy Duty Diesel (lowers fuel costs, temperature and does not degrade
MCV & MCF Motorcycle and Transmission oils
ASL 5W30 (25,000 mile oil)
ATM - Amsoil automatic transmission fluid
AMSOIL Filters - Oil and Air
AMSOIL PI Performance Improver fuel additive and injector cleaner. Customers never expect the instant results.
ATP - Synthetic 100:1 2-cycle Oil - Motorcycles and Landscaping equipment

Mesquite & Rockwall: Al Valdes - 214-538-1445

Garland & NE Dallas - Charles Long - 214-235-1933

Cedar Hill - De Soto & West Dallas: Anthony Oliver 214-621-0508

Dallas metro: Ches Cain - 214-324-4998

Carrollton/Frisco 214-324-4998

Lake Dallas/ Lewisville : John Hutchins 940-947-5046

AMSOIL Home Page

St. Louis, Edwardsville AMSOIL Dealer

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Dealership Opportunities

AMSOIL Dealer Opportunities in 2015 provide you with the ultimate home business opportunity with 41 years of continuous growth and market leadership, without the need for significant investment of money. AMSOIL manufacturers Synthetic Motor Oils. They are exclusively distributed by Independent Dealers - People like you and me. Synthetic Oils are not created equal and AMSOIL is in high demand because of the unique qualities engineered into the base oils. Why is AMSOIL better? Because AMSOIL stays at the front of the lubricant trending industry introducing new technologies to the public where other well known brands avoid improvements due to costs and profits. If it's leading edge you will find it here!

The motor industry is pointing consumers our way from every direction:

  • Vehicle manufacturers are installing synthetic oil into new vehicles on the production line,
  • New emission systems demand oils, which can take more heat and leave fewer deposits. Currently diesel engine technology has created problems which we have the best solution.
  • As the economy is weakened, people want to secure their vehicles for life. Lubrication is the #1 factor to reducing heat and friction.
  • The AMSOIL Bypass-Filter kits are now a top selling item - people want to preserve their equipment and save valuable time.
  • They are demanding better lubrication qualities from the oil to improve fuel economy and engine cooling.
  • Commercial vehicles Require synthetics in transmission and drivetrain parts to retain extended warranties.
  • Environmentally we can not go on disposing of the millions of gallons of oil each year that is the bi-product of 3,000 mile oil change intervals - Imagine if everyone changed their oil at say 7,500 miles instead. The used oil disposal problem would be cut by 50%. Yes 50%, not just 1 or 2% - Now consider the impact of a 25,000 or 35,000 mile oil change interval and a Automatic Transmission fluid which reduces temperatures 50 degrees and lasts three times longer.
  • AMSOIL's other product line "AGGRAND Fertilizers" is quickly becoming 60% of all Amsoil sales due to rising cost for petrol-chemical fertilizers. AGGRAND is Organic in liquid form and costs many times less with better results. Fall and Springtime you can sell 100's of drums.
AMSOIL has been manufacturing and developing synthetic motor oils like these for 41 years now!! AMSOIL makes sense from a financial, practical, technical, environmental and ethical sense. Consider being a dealer at the basic level today. Use this link dealer or preferred customer form to get started.

Part time or full time, opportunities for dealers are everywhere. We share leads with our dealers in addition to the unbelievable support from AMSOIL. See our sample newsletters.

Support: Customers join my group (Ches Cain) after calling around realizing I offer service! I even host our own training at my AMSOIL store. AMSOIL's many training materials will have you full of knowledge in no time. Be sure to request my starting inventory spreadsheet after joining with us. Although most of my sales today are still based on my customers testimonials. With AMSOIL you have access to monthly service bulletins, the AMSOIL U (School in May and online 24/7), Field Sales Tools, professional ads, new DVD's, power points, the Dealer Zone online, product whitepapers and more. I also provide you with my own monthly newsletter to convey our own experiences and recommendations. We'll pass you the tools needed to be listed on the internet so customers will find you.

The demand continues to increase. The industry is moving people towards us. Why not become the source of value based synthetic lubricants? We'll give you the tools to enhance the AMSOIL opportunity.

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