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Amsoil Absolute Efficiency Filtration

Call us for price - Amsoil's filter media is unique and never duplicated because AMSOIL gets the new products 2 years before our competition!

Depend on us for every possible filtration application for your passenger car, ATV, Motorcycle or company fleet of trucks.

These offer filtering efficiency beyond anything previously available using material currently used by NASA and by ARMY tanks. This unique media has been expanded to Motorcycle Filters and Cold Air Induction sets. You will only find these products for automotive use through AMSOIL. Another "First in Synthetics"
Amsoil offers Donaldson Endurance™ Oil and Air Nanofiber filters for the heavy duty market including Donaldson PowerCore® fluted air, oil and fuel filters.

Also available are: Donaldson P-Series which complement the Endurance line offering air, oil, coolant, hydraulic and fuel filters, Mann Filters and the Wix Premium Filter and line which covers anything not available from AMSOIL.

The AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency line are not made by any single company (they are not WIX or Donaldson filters). These are produced by AMSOIL from global partners supplying the best of what's available. This allows AMSOIL to have the very best in material out there period.

Filter Information Listings

Incomparable: Absolute Efficiency Oil Filters (with Nanofiber technology)
Ea- Cold Air Induction Filters (get rid of that Oil'd unit!)
Ea- Motorcycle Oil Filters
AMSOIL Bypass Filter Kits
Ea- Bypass Spin-on Filters
EAPF Pre-filter Mesh covers for Cone Filters
Racing and Street Rod Absolute Efficiency air filters
Donaldson Endurance™ Air FIlters (Class 6,7,8)
Donaldson Endurance™ Oil Filters
Donaldson P-Series Variety
7.3L PowerStroke Air Induction System
Ford PowerStroke™ and GM H2 Hummer PowerCore™ Technology Filters

Amsoil EAAU Cold Air Intake Filters - Overview

Match your filter with the Online Application Guide (motorcycles ned to use the link at the top of the page resulting from clicking here)

Amsoil's EAAR series for street rods or carbureted engines. Just clean with air!We are really excited about our new Street Rod carb (fits most carb intakes) air filter kits as seen in the photo here but we also have the factory replacement elements for your vehicle using the Absolute Efficiency nanofiber media for a lower cost solution. The announcement for crankcase breathers has also just been made so the information for these filters are combined together on one data sheet. The kit contains a base, filter and filter top. The filter elements can be purchased separately.

AMSOIL customers now have access to WIX racing filters for high flow needs. The only filter to be recognized by NASCAR. These filters allow maximum air and oil flow but their nature does not allow for removal of debris which is harmful for passenger car or long term driving use.

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