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"AMSOIL Preferred Customer"

Preferred Customer (Buy at dealer cost in the store)

Follow the below instructions - Looking for cost pricing? The link below will take you right there but once you have signed up please drop us an EMAIL and I'll forward the PDF price-list with product descriptions to make your ordering a heck of a whole lot easier!!

1.) Buy AMSOIL products at dealer cost and have all the resources at your fingertips. Preferred Customers pay the same pricing as dealers.

PLUS New for 2016:

  • Exclusive promotions for reduced freight costs
  • Exclusive product-specific promotions
  • Randomly selected P.C.s receive free gear when they place an order
  • P.C.s earn points on all purchases. Every 50 points is redeemable for $1 off a future order
  • P.C.s earn 500 bonus points for referring new P.C.s or Dealers to AMSOIL


Click on the Sign-Up link above or screen-shot below and as the illustration shows, you can instantly see the wholesale pricing in the store without having to fill out a weeks worth of forms!!

PC Registration Example

After you complete the transaction you will be mailed a starter packet and email the PC account number. You may order instantly. You can also call 1-800-579-0580 to sign-up*. AMSOIL will mail you a packet from the warehouse complete with pricing and product information.

Note: if you are coming from our Aggrand Organic Fertilizer site - this is also the form you need as AMSOIL & Aggrand are under the same roof and the preferred customer covers all AMSOIL products. (Amsoil is parent company of Aggrand)


Just $20.00 per year for your Preferred Customer membership (or the trial membership for 6-months when you call). Buy AMSOIL products at wholesale prices direct from the AMSOIL warehouses. Here’s what you get:

  • Now in addition to AMSOIL lubricants and Ea Filters, you get; WIX and Donaldson filters including WIX racing filters - all at wholesale cost as part of this program. Ask for pricing to be emailed.
  • Wholesale Pricing. Save about 25% per quart or gallon case of oil! Includes all AMSOIL products. AMSOIL will mail you the price guide and products packet and send updates when anything is added. (call me to get it faster via email - 605-274-2580)
  • Shipping discounts apply and pick up at warehouses is also available. (11 national warehouses)
  • Receive a packet with AMSOIL Product descriptions, package sizes, and the Large Descriptive Preferred Customer Price Guide.
  • The AMSOIL Magazine will be mailed to you each month. This publication is a very important part of you membership as AMSOIL has been adding and improving several new products monthly. 10 to 12 new products added in general each year. Also features product tests and interesting industry updates.
  • Access to AMSOIL Preferred Customer ZONE located on AMSOIL's corporate page. Easily get product data sheets, etc. A wealth of information and online ordering at dealer cost. Just use your new account # to enter.
  • Preferred Customers may upgrade their membership to an AMSOIL dealer at any time.
  • If your a "Do-it-yourself" type or own power equipment - you need to be a preferred customer.

Preferred customers can then order direct w/ AMSOIL or us is you don't want to wait on hold or online.

Sign-up instantly here (secure server)

OR - Simply send in the application form with payment and AMSOIL will mail the wholesale price booklet, your own ordering ID card and supporting literature. You won't have to wait on dealers to order for you or hunt around for a shop. Easily save $20 to $100 just on your first order! Also a great way to order for your friends and family.

Printable Sign Up Form Just print this form and mail with your selected fee. Mail to the address at the top of the sheet.
Electronic Sign-up form (Website instant form).

Call 1-800-579-0580 should you need any questions answered.


AMSOIL is your one stop shop. All preferred customers have wholesale access to:

Aggrand (Amsoil's) fertilizer line - Organic the top trend!

Ches Cain - AMSOIL 3-Star Platinum Direct Jobber


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