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AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Amsoil ATF - Lowers temperatures significantly and transfers power more efficiently. Now the best oxidation resistance available per testing.AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is engineered to outperform conventional automatic transmission fluids and exceed the performance requirements of most North American, European and Asian vehicles. This sophisticated formulation provides outstanding performance and protection in the severe operating conditions of today’s most advanced transmission designs.

Automatic transmissions have become increasingly complex as vehicle manufacturers strive to improve efficiency while satisfying consumer demands. Smaller, smoother-shifting transmissions with longer fluid-life capabilities and heavier load capacities are now standard in modern transmission design. Traditional ATFs, however, are unable to meet these extreme requirements, and new fluids have emerged with each new advancement in transmission engineering.

AMSOIL first introduced a synthetic automatic transmission fluid in 1980 and remains the leader in transmission fluid quality. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is formulated with the highest-quality synthetic fluids and additives and is recommended for a wide range of transmissions. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF reduces confusion, misapplications and inventories. The quality and performance of AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is guaranteed.

Improves efficiency, shifting performance and typically reduces operating temperatures by as much as 50°F.

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Amsoil's Synthetic Auto Transmission Fluid is available in all package sizes

1-Quart Bottle
1-Quart Bottles (case of 12)
1-Gallon Bottle
1-Gallon Bottles (case of 4)
2.5-Gallon Bottle
2.5-Gallon Bottles (case of 2) Best Value for flushing one vehicle.
30, 55, and 275 gallon drums and totes.

Amsoil Multi-Vehicle PDF papers
Research & Data Bulletins - Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATF Product Data Sheet
How to change your own Automatic Transmission Fluid (flush)
Amsoil's Transmission Flush (Use before you change)
ATF Compatibility Chart (Service Bulletin Update)
"How Cold Temperatures Affect Automatic Transmission Efficiencies" - Revised
AMSOIL Synthetic ATF Excels in MERCON® V Aluminum Beaker Oxidation Test (Even after MERCON-V has been updated)
Transmission Fluid Evacuation Service:
Myth-buster: Bulletin From Filters Manufacturers Council
Automatic Transmission Fluid Supplements - Warning


Fully Fortified

• Anti-wear/extreme-pressure agents (extend gear life)
• Durable friction modifiers (anti-shudder)
• Anti-oxidants (extend fluid life)
• Seal conditioners (reduce leaks)
• Detergents and dispersants (keep clean and control deposits)
• Corrosion inhibitors (control rust)
• Anti-foam agents (improve hydraulic function

Exceptional Hot- and Cold-Temperature Performance
Thermal Stability
– Hot temperatures are no excuse for poor reliability. Naturally heat resistant and heavily fortified with anti-oxidants, AMSOIL ATF exceeds the most demanding oxidation requirements. AMSOIL ATF delivers outstanding protection against sludge and varnish deposits that clog narrow oil passages and contribute to clutch glazing. Transmissions can operate hotter and longer with AMSOIL ATF than with conventional fluids. Failure from heat stress is easily prevented with AMSOIL ATF.

Cold-Temperature Fluidity – Cold, thick automatic transmission fluid lengthens shift times and reduces energy efficiency (fuel economy). AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is waxfree and delivers extraordinary cold-flow properties (< -60°F pour point). Shifting is more responsive, energy efficiency is improved and warm-up times are reduced.

Extra Insurance with Amsoil ATF under high stress conditions. Outstanding Wear Protection
Varying speeds and loads causes torque multiplication and extreme stress on gears and bearings. To prevent wear damage consistent with low-quality fluid and ruptured fluid film, AMSOIL formulated Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF with high film strength (shear stability) and premium anti-wear/extreme-pressure additives (boundary film barrier). AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF protects transmissions during severe-duty service.

Friction Durability
Today’s transmissions are smaller and must withstand higher horsepower and torque while delivering smoother shifts, all with longer fluid life recommendations. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is formulated with state of the art friction modifier additives that deliver outstanding clutch-holding capacity (static friction), torque-transfer ability (dynamic friction) and anti-shudder properties (slipping torque converter clutches).

Extended Fluid Service Life
Most drivers are unaware that transmissions commonly operate under severe service and require shorter fluid drain intervals. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is a long-life fluid capable of extended service intervals. It provides an extra margin of protection, especially when fluid change intervals are missed, during heavy use and even during abuse. Drivers can count on AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF to provide protection beyond conventional fluids.

AMSOIL's Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid is your insurance policy saving you dollars in time, repairs and fuel.
We've had transmission shops offer a free extended warranty when customers upgraded to our fluid because they were sure the overhauled transmission using AMSOIL ATF would last significantly longer than the OEM fluid ones!

AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is recommended for transmissions, hydraulics, power steering and other applications requiring any of the following specifications:

• Chrysler ATF+4®
• Toyota Type T-III and T-IV
• Honda Z-1 (Not CVT)
• Diamond SP II & III (Mitsubishi/Hyundai/Kia)
• Subaru ATF, ATF-HP
• Nissan Matic D, J & K
• Idemitsu K-17
• BMW LA2634
• LT 71141
• Audi G-052-025-A2 & G-052-162-A1
• Volvo 97340
• MB 236.1, 236.2, 236.5, 236.6, 236.7, 236.9 & 236.10
• JWS 3309
• NAG 1
• ETL-7045E, ETL-8072B & N402
• Voith 55.6335.XX (G607, G1363)
• ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 09, 14A, 14B, 14C, 16L, 17C
• Allison C-4, TES 389
• Mopar AS68RC

Note: Not for use with CVT or Ford Type F applications.

Recommended for 50,000 miles in severe service* and 100,000 miles in normal service;* or per vehicle manufacturer-recommended intervals, whichever is longer.

*As defined by vehicle or transmission manufacturer

This product is not expected to cause health concerns when used for the intended application and according to the recommendations in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). MSDS's are available upon request at 715-392-7101 or on our website. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Don't pollute. Return used oil to collection centers.



AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270)


Flash Point °C (°F) (ASTM D-92)

228 (442)

Pour Point °C (°F) (ASTM D-97)

-53 (-63)

FZG Load Stage Pass (ASTM D-5182)
Four Ball Wear Test, Scar in mm, 40 kg, 75°C, 1200 rpm, 1 hr (ASTM D-4172B)


Brookfield Viscosity (cP)

-20°C = 1245

Brookfield Viscosity (cP)

-40°C = 9500

AMSOIL ATF Maximizes Automatic Transmission Efficiency and Life

Over 40 percent of total energy loss in an automatic transmission can be attributed to the act of pumping automatic transmission fluid to the transmission’s working components during transfer of power. The mechanical efficiency of an automatic transmission is directly affected by the viscosity of the transmission fluid. When temperatures drop and cause ATF to thicken, transmission efficiency and power decline. Industry tests on torque loss demonstrate that a temperature increase of 150 degrees F increases transmission efficiency by up to 37.5 percent. In other words, as viscosity decreases, transmission efficiency increases.
Higher quality automatic transmission fluids can have a profound impact on transmission efficiency. Automatic transmission fluids with lower cold temperature pump ability properties effectively keep transmissions running efficiently during cold weather, maximizing both transmission power and fuel economy.
AMSOIL ATF offers instant cold weather performance.The Brookfield Viscosity Test gauges a transmission fluid’s viscosity in cold temperature conditions. Current industry specifications dictate that Brookfield Viscosity not exceed 20,000 cP. While the average conventional transmission fluid has a Brookfield Viscosity of 15,000 cP, AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid far exceeds the minimum standard with a Brookfield Viscosity of 7,454 cP, ensuring maximum transmission efficiency and power even in the coldest winter temperatures.

AMSOIL ATF is ideal for all fleets.AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid exhibits outstanding oxidation stability, preventing viscosity increase that leads to reduced transmission efficiency and cold temperature performance. While the use of AMSOIL ATF ensures maximum transmission efficiency, its shear stability and premium antiwear additives also ensure superior wear protection, exceeding industry
standards in the Four-Ball Wear Test, FZG Test, Vickers Wear Test and Falex Extreme Pressure Test.

Also meets specifications for these heavy duty units: HT754CR, HT750DRD, HT740, MT654CR, MT644, MT653, MT643 and most others.

AMSOIL ATF is popular with hundreds of city and state fleets as it reduces heat related transmission failures, improves winter performance, and because it lasts three times longer and is universal, it drastically reduces inventories. This saves taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars!

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Amsoil ATF cost less than a new transmission!Preferred Customer Baxter (Dale) Rogers of Heyworth, Ill. saved himself the cost of a new transmission by using AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Rogers owns a 2004 Saturn Vue that sat idle for several months last year. When he began driving it again, he noticed a fluctuation in the rpm at lower speeds.

He took the vehicle to a Chevy dealership, where he was told he needed a new transmission. “The cost would have been around $2,800,” Rogers said. “I went for a second opinion at a transmission shop, and they told me the same thing except I also needed a torque converter, which would be an additional $500 to $800.”

A third opinion, from a friend who does Rogers’ automotive work, was that the fluid needed changing. The Vue has a Honda transmission. The mechanic checked with a Honda representative, who recommended Honda transmission fluid or AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid, Rogers said.

“I told my friend I would get the fluid because I am an AMSOIL Preferred Customer. I bought the AMSOIL Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid and he installed it,” Rogers said. “I have saved so much money using AMSOIL products, I am overwhelmed.”

Trouble-Free Performance

“The Vue now has more than 124,000 miles and is running fine,” Rogers said. “AMSOIL ATF saved the day and saved me more than $2,700. AMSOIL products are great. I’m a happy customer and enjoy reading the Magazine to keep up-to-date on AMSOIL products and the company.”

Rogers installed AMSOIL lubricants in his other vehicles, as well.

“I’ve been a Preferred Customer for about two years now, and I have three of my vehicles using AMSOIL products,” he said. ”They run so much better and cooler than I could have believed.”

In addition to the Saturn Vue, Rogers owns a 2010 Dodge Caravan and a motorhome. He uses AMSOIL synthetic motor oil along with AMSOIL ATF in those vehicles.

“When I go to Texas for the winter in my motorhome, and flat tow my Vue, I have no worry about the proper lubrication of my engines.”



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