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Occational items I'll drop here which are significant for your knowledge (Not a primary source!!)


2014 AMSOIL U Presentations.


Principals or Brilliant Sales and Marketing

Solution Selling Combined SL

Co-active Coaching

Manage your customer relationships

Power Presentations


Detailed Applications

Technology & Market Insights Final

AU 2014 New Products

T1 Leads Program Review


Lubrication Fundamentals

Leadership Principles

Engine Operations


Engine Lubrication

Dealer Basics


AU 2014 Presentation

AU 2014 Core Administration

Selling - Basics of Storytelling


2014 AMSOIL University ALTRUM Presentation



Las Vegas Taxi Cab Study - Updated April 2014

Lubes & Greases Articles

20% Quick Lube Bulk Oil Sampled Bad in USA

Bel-Ray now owned by same company who gobbled up Royal Purple

Valvoline NextGen fails

ZDDP - Why, How & How Much?

Motor Oils' Day in Court

These two below are MUST Reads regarding "When Synthetics were really Synthetics"

Synthetics - Origin of the Species

Too Many Choices

Synthetic Blends - Half Empty or Full

AMSOIL Magazine Clippings:

AMSOIL Quality-control measures are thorough and extensive

Quality Products and Synthetic Industry Foundations to Today

Debate over Reduced ZDDP and Wear Protection

Gasoline additive sales overview


2006 Amsoil U presentations:

Gorilla Marketing - Awesome engaging material to get you in position to gain local market share!

MEHF - Concepts for Amsoil AW Hydraulic Oils - This still stands true for 2012. The older AW versions meet this. Must know information on efficiency.

Rear Differential wear/oil presentation.

ASE Commercial 10W30/SAE 30 presentation. A great overview of a great seller - Keep this in stock now that you know how great it is! Saves fuel by a wide margin per my customers.


AMSOIL quality-control measures are thorough and extensive. Other companies might tout their quality-control practices, but few approach the AMSOIL standard.


Dan Peterson, Vice President – Technical Development

When visitors tour AMSOIL headquarters in Superior, Wis., they frequently comment on the cleanliness of the facilities. Whether you walk around the offices, distribution center or the blending and packaging areas, everything is tidy and organized. That’s no accident, but the result of determined effort and an unwavering commitment to quality control.

Quality control is an exacting, step by- step process that ensures every AMSOIL product is consistently blended, consistently formulated, consistently packaged and consistently tested before a Dealer or customer makes a purchase. Many companies tout quality control, but few do it like AMSOIL. Everything AMSOIL does – from receiving raw materials and warehousing to packaging and shipping – is governed by clearly defined quality-control procedures. The first line of the AMSOIL Quality Policy states, “It is the policy of AMSOIL INC. to provide products with ‘exceptional performance’ that exceed customer expectations.” Doing so requires exceptional employee performance and exceptional work practices.

Going the extra mile benefits customers and Dealers alike; both can purchase, use and recommend AMSOIL products without hesitation, knowing that quality raw materials and quality procedures yield quality products.

AMSOIL operates an advanced blending operation with access to a wide range of raw materials handled by the 2.5 million gallons of storage tank capacity on site. You probably know that AMSOIL uses the best base stocks and additives available to formulate the best lubricants possible. But that’s just one of many quality control steps taken here. Did you know that every drum, tanker truck and railroad car of raw materials AMSOIL receives is tagged and held in quarantine until it can be tested in our laboratory? Only after the material is tested to verify it meets specifications can it be transferred into the tanks and production chain.

Lubricant blending is a meticulous activity achieved by employees following explicit work instructions and aided by ultramodern equipment. Our state-of-the-art simultaneous metered blending system (SMB) affords maximum control and efficiency over the blending process and ensures that each product receives precisely formulated amounts of base oils and additives required for optimum performance. The blending process also ensures that all fluids are carefully tested numerous times in the laboratory before being labeled as AMSOIL products. After final lab approval fluids enter the packaging stage, but the show must go on. Between runs, the lines are cleaned thoroughly with a squeegee-like device called a “pig” that makes two complete passes through the pipes to remove any residue leftover from the prior batch. This guarantees that the next fluid traveling the line has a clean environment and that cross contamination does not occur.

Every truckload of bottles that AMSOIL receives also must pass inspection, with random bottles being examined and weighed for consistency before entering production. And before lubricants are dispensed into their packages, they are filtered according to industry specifications using appropriate synthetic media for the respective product. Bottles are filled to defined weights and capped to a consistent torque. As bottles proceed through production, an inline scale identifies and removes any containers failing to meet specified weight requirements. They also pass a camera that inspects every bottle for crooked or loose caps. If an improperly capped bottle is discovered, the optical system sends a flashing signal notifying a line worker of the problem, who can then recap it and ensure a proper seal. Every bottle is also coded with several pieces of information, including date and time of production, which line it ran on and who was responsible for the line at that time. Such data not only provides transparency, it allows for back-referencing should a problem arise later. Even our labels go through a quality process, with all labels containing a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that guarantees their accuracy before they stamp a container.

We began this article talking about clean facilities. AMSOIL Production Manager Bill Archibald notes, “We keep the blending and production areas clean by instilling the importance of cleanliness in every employee.” Clean facilities are the result of continuous and ongoing effort. If a spill occurs, it is cleaned immediately – not later, not at the end of the day, but now.

These are just a few examples of our multi-faceted approach to quality control. Going the extra mile benefits customers and Dealers alike; both can purchase, use and recommend AMSOIL products without hesitation, knowing that quality raw materials and quality procedures yield quality products.



Really - REALLY OLD stuff below but ENJOY!!

Important Dates:

UPDATING - please return later...

Plan for the regional sales meetings

July 2007 - AMSOIL 35 Anniversary Convention

Amsoil will give you 10% off dealer cost. you can have that sipped or pick-up at the product center (or product center closest to your area)


November updates:

#1 - be sure to ask for my update - "Dealer Check List" or Start-up List for you and your downline. I have made recent improvements to this.

#2 - Looking to run credit cards?

Choice #2 is even better buy you need to apply for a Advanta Platinum Business Card.
This get's you 1/2% lower than the above on cards not present and no fees per transaction. They also have a low cost refurbished terminal. Go to

BOOK Suggestions:

Rob Steinberg (AMSOIL Regional Sales Manager for the SE market) strongly recommends these books to strengthen your sales effectiveness and knowledge:

"Thinking for a Change" by John Maxwell
And he's reading now Maxwell's "Today Matters"

I just read on recommendation:

John Maxwell's original Best Seller "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership " - A must read.


Top Ten Selling Products List - Please download and print.


Winter sales suggestion:

See the October 2004 Service line available for download in the dealer zone (premium zone) regarding AMSOIL ATF performance at -40 degrees compared to DEXRON, Mercon and conventional transmission fluids. I consider this one of the most useful pieces of knowledge. (DEXRON at below freezing temperatures has a maximum Brookfield Viscosity reading of 20,000 where as AMSOIL exceeds this standard with a Brookfield Viscosity of 7,454 cP! This ensures the maximum transmission efficiency and power even in the coldest winters.

Pin-up catalog holders for bulletin boards:

I made these for posting on public bulletin boards found in the local grocery stores, library and other venues. Holds 6 catalogs. Simple to make using a sheet protector (Avery Part # PV119XL-25 / 74171) You can buy at any office supply.
Download sample templates at link below.

Download sample word formats for the above background sheet for pin-up catalog envelops:

Example 1 (click to download and view)
Example 2 (click to download and view)


Environmental sales brochure:


Excel Spreadsheets

keep these handy and forward to your accounts if needed.

AMSOIL Eao Oil filter dimensions

Gasoline fleet oil change cost savings calculator


Follow up sequence from the AMSOIL Regional Dealer meetings:

" So, what you are going to do differently after leaving this meeting? What are you going to do differently to grow your business?"

Know that as you improve your knowledge in this competitive field you will eventually rank with the top dealers and systematically increase your net worth.

  • Attend AMSOIL University?
  • Buy and study the AMSOIL Home Study Courses?
  • Be aware of additional opportunities for filter sales?
  • Introduce someone to the Preferred Customer program?
  • Prepare a list of current and potential customers that are likely to purchase:
    • Mother’s products?
    • Fogging and Small Engine oil?
    • Diesel Fuel additives?
    • ASE Commercial engine oil?

Practice your presentation so that you don’t overwhelm your customers with techno babble, and as a result, close more sales and sign up more Dealers?

Are you going to take advantage of the changes in the diesel market?

Take advantage of the AMSOIL American Success story DVD G-2218. Give a copy to your accounts.


More training and sales Links:
Put these on your site or use them to support your customers. they have converted a few for me when they didn't understand the filter technology and thought "They all say they have the best filters"

AMSOIL FIlter Video links: AMSOIL Filter Tour MENU (Pass to customers)

AMSOIL Success Story Video Links: How did AMSOIL get Started?

TELEPHONE SCRIPTS to help you get started lining up meetings. These will be updated several times so please check back and save.

RETAIL Suggested Products List - Just a quick list to give your retail prospect an idea of what he may want to carry to get started.

AMSOIL Pricing Excel Files - Use the Dealer Zone


Suggested business cards on heavy gloss backing:

These can be ordered through a our local printer Goebal Printing (Nathan and Brian Goebel) at 605-332-1881. the cost is about $90.00 for 1000 (double sided). These are not the typical AMSOIL card due to the higher quality. No set-up fees are charged!

See our newer version of the card at this link (pdf) (Has MADE in USA and better bypass filter description)


Front Side


Rear of business card:



(Southwest Research Institute - who tests AMSOIL products)

Passenger Car Engine Oil Evaluations (SwRI test methods for ILSAC levels)

Catalog of Capability Brochures for SwRI Fuels and Lubricants Research


Bypass parts available from 3rd party:

New Dodge Cummins battery mount for BMK-11 kits - Now (was) in stock!!



Ignore the photos below. I own the Studebaker in primer but posted these for another forum on body paneling. I will be restoring the 55 for a AMSOIL business car using the original AMSOIL logo and plan to have it look like the blue and white one but may do a black and white..




C.H. Cain - AMSOIL Star Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
Count on us every day!


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