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AMSOIL Power Foam Engine Cleaner & Degreaser


Doubles as a powerful parts cleaning fluid.AMSOIL Power Foam (APF)
Amazing dual purpose product restores proper fuel flow and combustion and doubles as a total engine exterior degreaser!

Restore proper combustion and intake valve efficiency. Great for carbureted and fuel injected 2 and 4-cycle engines. Exterior degreaser function many times more effective than auto parts store on the shelf products like Gunk. - Large Can - LOW Cost!

AMSOIL Power Foam removes gum, varnish and carbon deposits for more efficient fuel economy and improved overall engine performance. AMSOIL Power Foam cleans intake valves, intake manifolds and throttle plates to keep the combustion intake system running at peak efficiency.

Package sizes include:
18-oz. Spray Can
18-oz. Spray Can Case (12 units)

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Want to feel better throttle response? Try Amsoil Power Foam!

Restores Drivetrain Operation to Like New
Effective in both two-cycle and four-cycle engines, AMSOIL Power Foam eliminates engine ping and keeps carburetors and injector systems properly tuned. AMSOIL Power Foam is safe for fuel injectors, catalytic converters and emission control devices. It will not damage seals, gaskets, rubber or plastic materials commonly used in gasoline engines.

AMSOIL Power Foam contains a powerful foaming agent and special high boiling solvents that penetrate rust and grease. It cuts through rust so bolts can be loosened or tightened easily and washes clean, leaving no residue to attract dirt. Power Foam also helps reduce pollution caused by dirty, rough-running engines.

Generally one 18 ounce can will treat a bit more than one V8 engine or two 4-cylinder engines. Very effective at restoring throttle response instantly. The foaming action when sprayed into the intake evenly distributes across intake passages with the air. Keeping the idle speed as low as possible w/o stalling the engine allows the product to saturate all surface areas and valves completely.

Performance Features and Benefits:

  • Removes gum, varnish and carbon deposits
  • Suppresses engine ping
  • Cuts through rust and grease
  • Helps improves fuel economy
  • Reduces Pollution
  • Frees stuck choke mechanism
  • Lower cost than products such as Sea Foam and Gunk products

Many call this the Direct Fuel Injection Valve cleaner. Gas tank injector cleaners do not reach the valves when the vehicle has direct injection. Power Foam solves this problem. Removes carbon from the top side of the intake vales and restores performance!

I've been using this product regularly since 1997. From prepping cars for shows, restoring throttle response after a long day of racing, restoring performance after harsh winter warm-up idling to making engines easier to work on by removing grime from exterior.

This is the one non-oil product which sells by the case. Every family member will thank you for Power Foam!


Run engine to normal operating temperature and remove air cleaner assembly. While engine is running, spray entire can of foam directly into intake. Turn off engine and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes. Restart engine and drive to blow out deposits.

Avoid contact with hoses. To prevent the dissolving of paint, do not overspray. AMSOIL Power Foam is not recommended for use in diesel engines.

NOTE: Not to be used with vehicles that have MAF sensors. Call us for advice - There is a procedure to do do this correctly bypassing the sensor w/o the computer stalling the engine. Never spray PowerFoam into intake systems which pass through mass air flow sensors!! Call 800-579-0580 for clarification.

We are often asked how this compares to Sea Foam products. To answer that correctly with AMSOIL you do get more for your dollar but AMSOIL products are more for specific uses where as Seafoam sells a product for intake, fuel and crankcase - AMSOIL has stood by the policy that you should NEVER add any product to your motor oil then put a load on the engine.

Amsoil Power Foam is actually a Foam spray which will not contaminate other fluids in your engine. Unless of course it's a small engine w/o a oil filter or small sump - then you would want to drain due to increased carbon.

Recently I've had to prep parts without my parts washer. Power Foam is great for this purpose. I use a large pan, (oil drip pan, cat box, 5-gallon bucket) spray the product on stubborn grime then brush off. Any light solvent spray works easily after the tough grime has been penetrated. I have had excellent results on greasy king pins, fuel pumps needing rebuild (50 year old engines), brake backing plates, transmission housings and more.

You do want to be careful around rubber hoses. When I wash down a engine after spraying over the entire engine compartment at the car wash, I first thoroughly hose down the heater hoses and any rubber parts as this product will eventually soften the material.

For intake systems only use directly into the throttle bodies or carburetors. Do not spray through plastic intake systems common to newer cars. Either spray in through the first vacuum port (ported vacuum) or remove the intake tube. If the air flow sensor prevents the engine from running then have someone only slightly open a gap in the intake hose while you spray into the intake using the attached tube. Call us for more advice or questions. We will provide a short video on this subject soon.

This is one product which should be added on to every case of oil bought as it has so many uses to a good mechanic or someone wanting to keep their engines pristine. Add AMSOIL Power Foam to your purchase of our state of the art lubricants using a Preferred Customer wholesale buying account and say good by to multiple trips to the retail mark-up of the autoparts stores.

Another great application would be to restore the performance of a used vehicle you just bought. Not knowing the history of service, AMSOIL Power Foam will start returning the intake and valves to like new or better more efficient condition than they were before. We have been selling this product to various Corvair enthusiasts and some Lincoln Continental club members who often make drivers from cars which have sat for many years.

Let AMSOIL power Foam put the fuel system back to efficient flow conditions.

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New entry level synthetic for an easy decision for everyone.Have you NOT tried AMSOIL in your passenger car but would like a low cost high performance warranty compliment synthetic to change at OEM intervals or less? Would you prefer to buy from a true American Company totally focused on quality control and also supports small business and not overseas ventures?
The new AMSOIL OE (Original Equipment) is for you:

More than 1/2 of our customers come to AMSOIL for products other than our passenger car motor oil products. The two main reasons:

#1. I wasn't familiar with that line - We learned about AMSOIL's via motorcycle owners or through the use of the heavy duty industrial products.

#2. I use AMSOIL in my work vehicles but for the family car, I don't drive that many miles and just get it changed at 3000 to 5000 mile intervals. As your motor oils cost more and last 25,000 miles, I feel I'd be wasting the extra life still in them. I just can't get past the 5000 mile interval.

The new "LOW COST" AMSOIL OE was designed for our customers who buy AMSOIL products for their "other than passenger car" applications such as motorcycles, diesel trucks, power equipment, farm and work fleet.

Well here it is - the oil which outperforms the on the shelf synthetics yet cost the same or less delivered. The OE API Certified line is only slightly more expensive than most quality petroleum motor oil products. Call and see for yourself.
Now you now have no excuse not to use AMSOIL in all your vehicles. If you came to AMSOIL for a special air filter, you can now purchase oil for only a slight change in shipping. Available in popular 5W20, 5W30 and 10W30 viscosities.

Give us a call and see what a case will cost you! It's much less than the Mobil 1 in the stores. 800-579-0580

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