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Amsoil not only eliminates wear but it can also restore performance in older vehicles. AMSOIL offers a wide range of products for fuel, engine, drivetrain, suspension, body, frame and filtration.
After 34 Years - Engine, Drivetrain and fuel system like new thanks to AMSOIL!


In 1972 AMSOIL made its mark when founder Lt. Colonel Al Amatuzio introduced the first synthetic motor oil formulation to meet API service requirements. The first can of 10W40 synthetic motor oil was the birth of an entire industry.
Now 40 years after Mr. Amatuzio coined the term, "Extended Drain Intervals" relating to 25,000 mile or longer we remain the #1 innovator of synthetic lubricants & automotive filtration. AMSOIL products not only provide superior protection to help keep new and older vehicles running in top condition, but drivers save money with reduced maintenance & better fuel economy. As demands on motor oils increase due to higher temperatures and emission reduction demands, AMSOIL continues to lead the industry in research, quality control and product development! Restore performance, save time, cut fuel costs and oil waste.

Experience the added performance with no other than AMSOIL - We have the most state of the art plant, quality control and management in the industry bar none!

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Seasonal Best Selling Items

In many parts of the country people are gearing up for the winter sledding season for 2016-2017. For many, AMSOIL's Interceptor is the product that introduced them to our brand!The industry leading 2-stroke Injector oil.


One of the most mis-understood AMSOIL products which is unique (not the same as others) is our Engine & Transmission Flush. It's mild on parts but tough on deposits due to a key detergent which out performs solvents.
Reduces oil consumption and allows the subsequent new oil's additives to be more effective.
If you find one that is flammable, don't buy it. Trust AMSOIL!


Diesel Fuel Additives
Stop expensive wear

If you know about AMSOIL's diesel fuel additive yet use another you might be a redneck.I'm featuring our cold flow additive although you can buy this one mixed with our top selling injector cleaner. Use with #1 diesel to reach -30F flow. A Emergency De-Icer is also available. These products were recently improved so we'll get the page updated ASAP!!

Amsoil Manual Transmission Fluid MTGCustomers say we have the only reasonably priced GL-4 synchromesh fluid they can find. See the list of specifications. AMSOIL Synthetic Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube goes beyond performance in hot and cold temperature extremes. Exceeds the limits of conventional gear lubes. Product Code MTG (Others in including OEM want $22 or more per quart!)

Amsoil 0W30 - best product 25,000 milesAmsoil's Most Efficient Motor Oil:
Exceeds all standards. Should be a factory fill. Save fuel, wear, cut heat and enjoy greater performance. And you only have to change the oil once each year. 0W30 replaces any 5W30 or 10W30 requirement.

ASL 0W30 Signature Series is our top performing 25,000 mile oil. It's why everybody's talking about AMSOIL!

New Products

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Latest from AMSOIL - Firearms Protectant and Cleaner
Lubricant and Protectant
Make sure your personal protection devices are in top condition. This will be a hit with law enforcement and gun collectors.

best gun lubricantfirearms spray

About our Customers:

Customers of all types are being required to cut costs! AMSOIL addresses lower cost of ownership to all fleets.

Top reasons customers choose AMSOIL:
#1 - Extend life and efficiency of equipment and machinery.
#2 - Save money and time on maintenance costs.
#3 - Noticeable performance gains as suggested by a friend or neighbor based on impressive performance results. "I used (other top tier oil) before but it wasn't until I tried AMSOIL did I notice an improvement in the way the engine runs. It starts so easy and runs so smooth." It simply allows you to enjoy your motor more. You squeeze out performance you didn't know was there before.

The secrete with Amsoil is the AMSOIL Center's Quality Control standards, relationship with the main additive companies and the commitment to provide unique products not available elsewhere. AMSOIL Dealers will not accept products 2nd best.
We owe it to the Founder - Mr. Amatuzio. The completed plant expansion also allows AMSOIL to absorb raw material price fluctuations and remain consistent with the state of the art manufacturing processes. AMSOIL even recently invited competitors to tour the only plant in North American up to this standard!

2 choices - Take care of your equipment with the best enjoying the results or stay in the dark and just go to the dollar store for your oil because the brands in between are not much better in performance and value either.

Amsoil Products are better than all OEM and your warranties are never effected! Trust AMSOIL!

This new Warranty Secure will accompany powersports products initially as well as other AMSOIL product data bulletins.This PDF will overview the issue at hand of powersports companies lying and breaking the law at the same time to sell OEM relabeled lubricants to their product owners. Click on the icon above for more information.

Business Owners:

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Three Factors Normally Responsible for Oil Failure - Read this new tech article by AMSOIL's Dan Peterson. Does your oil resist these factors as long as AMSOIL would? Check out this report!

Monthly Technical Article

Quality products are the result of focused effort.

When quality and performance are the main goals, value and customer loyalty are natural side effects.
Dan Peterson, Vice President – Technical Development

When motor oil exceeds its useful life or is affected by a mechanical defect, it most commonly becomes too thin to separate metal parts, too thick to pump or too acidic for continued use.

Too Thin

When oil becomes too thin, it fails to provide the required oil film thickness to separate metal surfaces. Different engine designs require different starting oil thickness, or viscosity. Viscosity at 100°C is one of the most highlighted oil properties and is a good indicator of adequate oil film thickness in an engine at operating temperature.

A number of things can cause motor oil to become too thin to protect engine parts. Excessive mechanical shear can thin oil to the point of causing issues with engine protection. As motor oil cycles through the engine, it is exposed to shear stress in the engine’s upper end, piston walls and bearings that reduces its shear strength. Continuous exposure to these conditions causes oil built with inferior shear stability to thin excessively, leaving critical engine parts susceptible to metal-to-metal contact.

Fuel contamination of the oil sump is another major cause of excessively thin motor oil. Both gasoline and diesel fuel are thinner than motor oil and, when mixed, the oil’s viscosity, film thickness and ability to separate parts are significantly reduced. While a small amount of fuel dilution is relatively common and does not have a material impact on oil life, excessive fuel dilution in mechanically compromised equipment is much more harmful.

Too Thick

When it comes to oil, although it may seem like “the thicker, the better,” oil that is too thick is just as detrimental as oil that is too thin. Excessively thick oil is a commonly discussed mode of oil failure.

When oil becomes too thick to flow to engine parts, these areas are starved of oil, resulting in metal- to-metal contact that can lead to catastrophic engine damage. The precursor to sludge is oil that has become much thicker than its original design. The cause is a complex chemical reaction involving heat, combustion by-products and oxygen combining to create a chemical attack on the oil molecules. The resulting chemical reaction creates a much thicker substance that does not flow or protect as well as the original oil. When the reaction continues, sludge begins to form in areas of higher localized temperature and low flow. While some varnish is normal, sludge is a sign of excessively degraded oil that needs to be replaced. In order to inhibit sludge and varnish, the oil must resist attack by oxidation forces. Synthetic base oils have a much higher level of saturated molecules that inherently resist this constant bombardment. Additionally, antioxidants are added to either reduce the formation of free-radical oxidation precursors or soak up these precursors once they form.

Another cause of oil thickening, primarily affecting diesel oils, is excessive soot-loading in mechanically unsound engines. Diesel oil is designed to handle some soot contamination, but when the soot overloads the available dispersants in the oil, the oil thickens. The agglomerated soot particles reach a critical size and cause excessive wear commonly seen in diesel liners.

Too Acidic

Acids are a normal by-product of burning fossil fuels. Different fuel types, engines and combustion conditions create varying levels of acid formation. These acids, transferred via blow-by gases, are carried away to the motor oil. Motor oil is designed with a detergent that neutralizes these acids before they accumulate and cause engine damage. The detergent level is measured with a test called Total Base Number (TBN). This measure of alkalinity drops over the life of the oil and reaches a critical level when the oil can no longer consume the acids created by combustion. When TBN reaches a critical level, acids build up quickly and attack the surfaces most susceptible, including yellow metals and lead-lined bearings. Without correction, this condition quickly worsens and results in excessive chemical wear. Although less common, this failure mode can cause significant damage if left uncorrected.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are formulated to provide superior overall protection. They resist mechanical shear and viscosity increase due to oxidation while combatting harmful acids to help you maximize the performance and life of your engine.

PDF Version to use as a handout


See more ways you can reduce demand on fuel and foreign oil.

Fight rising fuel costs with AMSOIL Synthetics. Keep your engine intake system clean with AMSOIL PI Injector cleaner.

We think it's important to point out that when you buy AMSOIL you are supporting small business in America with American made products, which goes a long way to support local economies across the United States. Amsoil's legendary engine oils boast the 100% Synthetic logo on the label. When you buy through us you are buying factory direct. There are no distribution chains. AMSOIL does not allow that.

If you recall our competitors use the term "Full Synthetic" which only in the US is used on petroleum oils which have passed ASTM tests for the API's admitted "lowest common denominator" requirements for the highly refined group III lubricants. These fall short of the performance or reliability of what AMSOIL offers. Group III oils do offer advantages when blended correctly. The #1 disadvantage with Group III oils are that they insulate passages with the larger molecules. There is no way around it. This does not allow for the lower temperature drop and longer life you will gain with group IV base stocks and/or more robust additive packages which AMSOIL is famous for. Another result is improved Mileage. Our "OE" line up is a Group III (one of dozens of different types available) which has the Amsoil advantage of better performance and mileage.

Unique additive supplier relationship:
Being the first to create a automotive grade synthetic motor oil, Amsoil's lab staff has always played a unique part with the additive supplier. Rather than buy a-la-carte additives, AMSOIL works together with them to solve an industry problem. They are 'The MOST" recognized staff within the lubricant trending officials. AMSOIL has been perfecting these technologies from the beginning adding unmatched guarantees and everyone else follows. AMSOIL has no stock holders to limit the quality.
Dean Alexander says, "Price is NEVER a factor when we select from the latest components. This alone jets us ahead in product performance. No one else can select a full pallet of quality and get it to be OK with the investors - AMSOIL is still a family run and operated company!"
It remains a powerful family business with one goal - to always make available the best products on the market. Quality is decided over cost.


#1 - Quality control - You will never find our containers leaking, labels falling off or product not meeting advertised viscosity. AMSOIL has THE state of the art production facility which everything is triple checked and batches recorded. Tanks and bottles are tested clean before storage/use/raw material delivery, mixing and packaging. ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
#2- Innovation & constant R&D - New products just about every month. 2 million gallons + in raw material storage and mixing plus state of the art inline mixing system to keep up with demand. Additives used in AMSOIL lubricants are brought to market here first.
#3 - Lowest in volatility - Holds the viscosity longer. AMSOIL was also the first lubricant company in the US to test and measure volatility.
#4 - Compatibility - Unlike competition, there are no worries when switching to AMSOIL or mixing if needed. Products work as advertised!
#5 - Value - 39 years of unmatched guarantees. Follow Amsoil's extended intervals, save time and keep more money in your pocket. Enjoy improved performance as a bonus!


Here is something I hope you take the time to read - We want to show the world what AMSOIL has accomplished in the field of production and quality control. (large 1.7M file - click on image)

Recently AMSOIL INC had all the top dogs from all the major oil suppliers tour the updated 400,000 SQ foot facility. This was to show off state of the art quality control knowing the rest of the industry lags years behind.

AMSOIL is now as it's always been far apart from the competition with the consistency of the end product not to mention the founders strength in forecasting future trends.

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Our 57 Studebaker Silver Hawk similar to the one below is now running (and in the paint shop))!! The original 289 V8 features AMSOIL Synthetics bumper to bumper including our by-pass filter system, AME 15w40, AMSOIL Coolant Boost, AGL Gear Lube, AMSOIL ATF, Synthetic (DOT4) brake fluid, several of the Amsoil greases and the EAAU 4091 Cold Air Induction filter with pre-filter.
Our finished product will look like this one.In other words, this car, original engine, transmission and differential will out perform and enjoy better protection than what has been possible to experience using competitors products. I know this because it was how I discovered the quality of AMSOIL with other vintage vehicles (Corvairs).
Studebaker used partial flow oil filtration in all of their cars prior to 1963. We will "clean up" and preserve the condition of this partial rebuild using the BMK-21 Bypass Kit with the EABP-90 2-Micron Bypass oil filter.

It's done! We ran the car for 300 miles using the bypass kit and a petrol Castrol 10W40 oil product just for flushing and picking up deposits. You can see the oil analysis here. Notice the lack of zinc compared to our motor oils. We have just fitted the car with AME 15W40 and immediately the engine quieted down! The high lead you see in the test was from years of leaded gas. When the engine covers were removed I scraped a full cup of lead out of the valve and valley covers. AMSOIL's high zinc oils will out protect any pervious oils available. The EAAU intake gave it noticeable throttle response over the oil bath cleaner.

Unfortunately AMSOIL's new "Break-in" oil just came out as we finished this first run (6/20) but this car after being painted will see a LOT of road miles testing our filters and oil products so stay tuned!

The #1 reason you need Amsoil in these vintage vehicles is because of the ability of the lubricant to lift, hold in suspension and neutralize acid (from sludge) and deposits while at the same time hold it's viscosity. Just by draining and adding conventional oils yearly or every 3000 miles will do nothing for engine cleanliness in these old cars. The proof is below in the AMC tests.

No other lubricant could offer the added performance, specialized seal protection, high ZDDP (CI4+ ratings) such as the AMSOIL AMO 10W40 and AME 15W40 Diesel (And the NEW Z-Rod oils), lower operating temperatures in transmission and engine, and protection from lubricant volatility while increasing Hydrodynamic lubrication. Long ago AMSOIL invested in and spoke about proper seal conditioning as well.

Most vintage cars suffer from the poorest of poor air and oil filtration. We have several solutions right here. Ea "Absolute beta 75" Intake filters which range from cold air induction, carburetor & racing units and

Amsoil AMO 10W40 has and will always have the anti-wear properties for vehicles of the past in the future!
Click image for the AMSOIL vintage car solution.


We run a very efficient business. This Mini Cooper has served our customers for over 5 years.

The Synthetic Warehouse AMSOIL products delivery vehicle. Now 12 years old and very few servicing's. No need to buy a new car when you use AMSOIL. As of February 2014 it has been replaced by 2016 Ford Transit Connect.

Our cars are always in severe service. Lots of cold weather idling. I still get great mileage. The bulk of the mileage is maintained by using AMSOIL PI Injector cleaner every 4000 miles. The gasoline blenders use the minimum required injector additive to keep your mileage low and injectors clogged to sell more gasoline. Dealerships charge $120 to restore them - Skip that step and use PI!
Air flow and filtration also improved on the Cooper using the the Alta Cold Air Intake featuring the AMSOIL EAAU-3570 air filter with Pre filter.


My other car is a 1983 AMC Jeep Eagle Station Wagon. This monster of a car is four wheel drive and really gets put to the test.
This beautiful AMC will last forever on AMSOIL. The Eagle 4X4 wagon's legendary Jeep I6 performs flawlessly on AMSOIL AMO 10W40 and HDD 5W30!The AMC has a 4.2 inline six, a fresh Chrysler transmission, New Process transfer case and Dana front and rear differentials with new serviceable wheel bearing units.
This vehicle was purchased rust free from northern California and due to low miles (92,000) the vehicle was only occasionally used.

Right off the engine needed to be cleaned out. Later learning it was sludged up more severely than estimated. Lots of blow-by, and a good amount of lifter noise. I started the engine on AMO 10W40 which is fortified with the high anti-wear ZDDP additive package of about 1400ppm. After flushing and 3000 miles the 10W40 was tested. The deposits were so heavy (compromising oil flow and detergent depleting acids) that the bypass oil filter kit was a must! In fact the bypass kit saved this engine.
Oour Bypass Oil Filtration Kits keep the Eagle Running trouble free!

Motor equipped with the BMK-21 Amsoil Bypass Oil Filter kit: Only the bypass kit is able to remove what would have taken 10 or more oil changes to remove!! See the video showing this. This severe environment creates acids which would have destroyed a typical oil thus severe bearing damage. Opening the filter revealed a rubber like sludge lining which after 5 years now has returned this motor to normal use and thousands saved!

My conclusion is any older engine with unknown history such as this AMC Eagle or the Studebaker (now using AME 15W40 to clean that engine), use of the AMSOIL Bypass Kits are a must to remove deposits which do not just flush out during an oil change. These need to be removed as the oil is flowing at high temperatures which the bypass kits will do.

Anold but good example oil analysis June 2013 - after 5 bypass filter changes, seven full flow filters (one completely clogged!) shows the internal wear metals and deposits have significantly decreased rather than increase. Amsoil's Oil Analysis service saved another engine. This is a severe example where you could see the build-up inside of the valve cover. The added capacity of the bypass kits will aid engines with lower capacities as the larger the sump, the longer the life of the additive package. I now use the HDD 5W30 for best flow and year round protection.

AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluids are proven to eliminate failures even in transmissions with historically notable failure rates. We expect our AMC to last many years in harsh use. After all, wear and failures 90% of the time result from a lack of lubrication or loss in viscosity. The small molecular structure is a bonus which features a significant drop in temperature under load (up to 50 degrees).

Note: On the drive back to South Dakota sluggish performance in the intake and combustion areas was gradually eliminated due to the use of AMSOIL Power Foam intake cleaner and AMSOIL Performance Improver gasoline additive.

AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Air filters - Drop-in Replacement

Most of the destructive wear particles which cause engine wear enter through the intake system and are not born in the crankcase. Thanks to the revolutionary Nanotechnology industry, AMSOIL has developed the first nanofiber OEM Certified air filter consisting of fibers with a diameter of less than one micron.
Why not use a filter which is 100% efficient at 2-microns, cost less to use, will not effect warranties and unlike performance filters, these allow for the increased air flow while allowing for more filtration capacity over cellulose types. Less pressure drop through out the life.

New Induction (cold air) replacement air filters by AMSOIL.
Now Cold Air Ea Filters Too!

These filters remove 5 times more dust than traditional cellulose filters and 50 times more dust than wet gauze. This would have you think resistance would suffer but not the case. The AMSOIL EaA (Absolute Efficiency Air) has three times the flow as the cellulose and almost no change after the 4th cleaning. Because of the nan-screen, the EaA holds 15 times more dust than wet gauze type. Having more pores per square inch allows for a lower pressure drop then compared to cellulose filter media alone.


"Well synthetics may last longer and don't really break down but the weak link is in the oil filter. These still need to be changed at 5 to 8K intervals." - WRONG!

AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency "Ea Filters" are the only oil filters available to the auto/light truck market featuring full synthetic nanofiber technology carrying the beta-75 rating. We invite you to watch our video on the Ea Filter Technology and visit our Oil Filter page.

Because of this, our oil filters are guaranteed up to 25,000 miles or one year and the smaller cans are 15,000 miles/1-year. These filter 100% at 20 micron particle size for that duration without inhibiting flow. Unlike conventional filters these will not limit flow in low temperature conditions (75*F is cold enough for most filters to go into bypass mode at start-up) and there are no resins to come apart. These filters are also designed to withstand enduring heat w/o failure to the media beyond the guarantee time.

The big shocking news here is that there is absolutely no benefit to changing your oil if it is in good condition. Our engine oils are designed to withstand oxidation & Nitration several times the amount conventional oils can withstand. Trust AMSOIL's suggested intervals. Engine tests and customer results show for the last 39 years not one competitor product has ever matched the current AMSOIL quality & warranty.

If you still think it better to change at 3000-5000 to be safe, then why not at least try one of our bypass oil filter kits? These keep the oil analytically clean and at 2-micron filtration properties these passive "Partial Flow" units save you time and stop engine wear.

Even better for the customer who is dead set on 3000 to 5000 oil changes try our new API Certified - OE Synthetic which costs less than other fully synthetic products and we still guarantee it for the full OEM guaranteed interval.

Snowmobile Season - Amsoil Interceptor & Power Valves


What is the real benefit of using AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants?

Every AMSOIL product offers the end user something unique. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are designed for ultimate efficiency, performance and unmatched quality. The ATM 10W30, ASL 5W30 and AMO 10W40 Synthetic Motor Oils are guaranteed for 25,000 miles or 1-year in gasoline engines. The SSO 0W30 is 35,000 miles/1-year. From the moment these are used, our customers are overwhelmed by the instant improvement of how the engine feels, even after switching from other synthetics

Industry tests have shown improved fuel economy of 2 - 3% in vehicles switching to synthetic lubricants. Many AMSOIL customer testimonials tell of even greater savings (generally 8%).

Garbage Haulers Severe Service Trucks Lower Cost of Ownership with AMSOIL

AMSOIL takes oil changes 3X longer or more and less top off oil needed. Owner reduces overhaul costs.I attended the presentation first hand at how AMSOIL has been testing the legendary 15W40 CI4 rated diesel oil with a current fleet of refuse trucks as documented in this 2009 study.

See the video encompassing some of the service AMSOIL is depended on with a fleet of garbage trucks.

There isn't a vehicle on the road today which engine and chassis take more abuse than the garbage truck. In the case of Nordic Waste in Duluth, MN where these 30,000 pound truck loads are constantly stop and go and climbing some of the steepest hills of any city in the world. Also constant braking, constant hydraulic use all day everyday. Now couple this with -30F winters where lubrication and hydraulics are constantly stressed.

See first hand how AMSOIL performed against Shell Rotella T in their fleet running Navistar DT466 diesel engines. This document shows:

  • Shell Rotella T useful life was cut short before 300 hours shearing out from 15 cSt to a viscosity of 10 cSt. AMSOIL 15W40 Diesel lasts more than three times longer.
  • Overall consumption over 900 hours reduced from 6 quarts to only one.
  • Wear significantly reduced
  • 8000 hour International 7400 refuse hauler teardown not needed.
  • Oil pressure at startup below -20F.
  • Thousands saved on teardowns and hundreds on oil change labor.
  • Increased performance & dependability.
  • Proven environmental benefits.
  • Owner comments: “With AMSOIL, we buy less oil, fewer filters,
    experience lower labor costs and save on engine overhauls and replacement parts.”

Visit our Diesel & Fleet Page. More links to our Diesel Lineup of Products being added all the time.

Transmission did not fail over 1 million miles I saw the engine parts myself at the AMSOIL HQ this summer but the amazing story is the transmission. Lubrizol was on hand to explain the oxidation resistance package unique to our ATF (compared to other American, European and Asian based ATF's) allows AMSOIL to remain in a class beyond what's available for the next couple years. (click on image)

I've mentioned several times the 3rd party reports in various publications show AMSOIL ATF has halted transmission failures in some pretty impressive fleets to include the Portland Longshoremen's operation.

High Zinc Oils always availableBecause of AMSOIL's research and demands on their base stock producers, they have always been five years ahead of the market. Test results continue to surpass the most stringent worldwide specifications including ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee) demanded upgrades before they happen.

Diesel Emissions and Synthetics

AMSOIL's Diesel Motor Oils are specifically designed for new and future engines featuring reduced emission and particulate levels. Since 1988 NOx and soot level emissions have been reduced in new engines from 14.4g/kW-hr and 0.8g.kW-hr to a required 0.27g/kW-hr and 0.013g/kW-hr.

These new engines operate at higher temperatures and feature improved combustion with controlled air swirl, improved bowl design, turbo-charger improvements, air inter-cooling. Hi-top rings and retarded fuel injection timing have increased soot loading on the oil. AMSOIL AME and HDD will withstand viscosity increases due to the increased soot.
Take all of the above, remove the lubricating sulfur from the fuel, add EGR systems and you need a product compliant to the increased stress.

Beginning In 2007 exhaust after treatment devices (particulate filters), and continuously regenerative traps were required creating new challenges for diesel oil.
AMSOIL's DEO & DME CJ4 rated 100% synthetic safely allows for extended service in EGR and DPF heavy duty trucks with oil analysis. Trust the best - Guaranteed!

Note: Some people refer to AMSOIL as AMZOIL. That was the first trademark.

Use the menu at the top to get your answers or call 1-800-579-0580

AMSOIL Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluids

Be sure to have a look at our Multi Vehicle AMSOIL Synthetic ATF and the new Low-Viscosity ATF for modern transmissions requiring Toyota WS world standard, Dexron VI and Mercon SP for even more fuel efficiency.
The ATF was the first synthetic ATF on the market and is one of our most versatile products. Lasts up to three times longer and lowers transmission temperatures up to 50 degrees. In freezing weather it is twice as fluid as conventional ATF (DEXTRON & Mercon 20,000 vs. AMSOIL ATF 7450 Viscosity cP and -40 *C).

Amsoil Testimonial from Heavy-Duty Transmission Shop
Personal Experience Motivates Shop Owner:

HI-TECH INC. in East Longmeadow, Mass. is a transmission
specialties shop that uses and recommends AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.
“I’ve been installing AMSOIL products in my vehicles and customers’ vehicles for years,” said William Taft Jr., the company's’ owner and president. “I don’t sell anything that is not tried and proven by my experience and seeing for myself. I have to sell myself before I would be able to sell it to the consumer.”
Taft has been a ROTS account with Direct Dealer Mark Hansen of Chicopee, Mass. since 1998.
Taft’s shop services all types of foreign and domestic transmissions. “We work on a lot of heavy-duty vehicles, local departments
of public works, fire and police cars and SUVs,” he said.

Cooling Down Ford Transmissions
About the time Taft became an AMSOIL account, he had problems with Ford pick-up trucks overheating transmission fluid and sending it out the dipstick tube. “Sometimes it caught the truck on fire because of fluid hitting the hot exhaust manifold,” Taft said. “We started installing large auxiliary coolers on the transmissions and that brought the temp down, but still not enough to fix the problem.”

AMSOIL ATF Solves Problem
Taft decided to give AMSOIL Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) a try in the trucks. “We started putting AMSOIL ATF in the transmissions and found a huge drop in temperature by just changing the transmission fluid over,” Taft said. “There has never
been a failure because of overheating from any of the transmissions we have rebuilt in the many years we have
been using AMSOIL in these vehicles.”

The AMSOIL ATF is known as a problem solver. The savings resulted from the reduction of repairs and unit replacements in several city and fleet accounts have been extraordinary. Transmissions thought to be worn or have severe heat or shifting delays are often restored just by flushing in AMSOIL. See for yourself.

For older automatic transmissions the AMSOIL ATF is your product. I say this because we get more third party endorsements because of the synthetic automatic transmission fluid completely eliminating transmission failures. AMSOIL ATF will also protect the non-metallic components due to an rarely used additive.

For tractors, heavy duty turf and yard equipment choose one of our oldest and most relied on products - the Amsoil Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Oil. Solves hot and cold weather problems. Great where UTTO fluid is needed. (for Kubota, Case New Holland, Massey-Ferguson, Caterpillar, Clark, Dresser, Frd, Hesston Fiat, John Deere, Yanmar and more.

AMSOIL's base stocks: Polyalphaolefins (PAO) were recently the closest relative to mineral oil stocks of all the synthetic base materials. This is because they are both comprised of similar hydrocarbon molecules. Now there are literally dozens of new base formulations which all have unique properties allowing for different performance and durability limits. No longer do we need to depend on one type of Polyalphaolefin combination or common expensive synthesized hydrocarbons, but many still refer these as being PAO's.

AMSOIL's engineers are always in the know when it comes to new trends on the horizon and they have the experience to know which combinations will advance the current state. The competition will always be several steps behind not because we know something they don't but because they wouldn't pay for the higher cost of a better material. That's where the difference lies. AMSOIL is not grounded by stock holders making decisions for customers. The cost of a better material will not limit quality!

So please don't get in the battle of, "They use PAO's and the other uses Group III's!" as this is currently insignificant. It's all in the overall performance and value to you when you follow our recommendations.

"Today Eaton and Dana now demand synthetics. Eaton requires synthetics to take advantage of their extended warranty plan for use in their heavy-duty transmissions." We supply gear oils to a large Texas concrete business. They use our FGR Long Life Gear 75W90 which is a 500,000 mile oil.



Gear Lube Whitepaper Oil Study

Which Gear Lube would you want in your Differential?
Filter patch after High Temperature Oxidation Resistance test as outlined in the third party Gear Oil Study. Our competitors will not challenge AMSOIL and the NEVER have because they can't! But they'er certainly welcome to!
This is a 312 hour test - Results of this segment below.
Amsoil left almost NO carbon trace when filtered after the endurance test Castrol faired good but failed in other tests
Royal Purple's results reflect overall product quality control Redline gear lube test results.
You should be concerned about Lucas products.


Why do people currently in the auto business and still advocate conventional lubricants?

Remember when a car that lasted 150,000 miles would be a phenomenon? Reaching 200,000 is almost typical today, and why not? In 1955 you could buy a Chevrolet for $2,000. In 64 a fully loaded Corvair Spyder (turbocharged) Coup could still be yours for less than $3,000. in 1982 a typical Chevy Pick-up sold for under $7000. Today it would cost about $32,000 to replace the family Jeep Cherokee with a new model (or more? I only buy used.)

Engines are much more complicated now than they were then as well costing double the replacement costs. Overhead cams, turbochargers, aluminum blocks and heads, exotic intake and exhaust manifolds, and compact and precision engine compartments (with less cooling) have added to the total bill. Anything to protect and extend the life of these components beyond the expected duration must be considered. Especially when the product will also reduce the slight degradation of efficiency that occurs during that normal period.

Due to the rapid increase of synthetic lubricant sales, it's no mystery to most the superiority of these compounds, but unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions such as the idea that synthetics are simply 'slicker'.

The key to AMSOIL synthetics is that they are designed to do just what the consumer would expect. The #1 benefit to AMSOIL is less oxidation. If you can prevent oxidation of your oil, you prevent deposits, heat, wear and save money.

Synthetics have better viscosity film strength than petroleum stocks at elevated temperatures (greater than 176°F/80°C). Film strength indicates a lubricant's ability to occupy the space between two metal surfaces under pressure or heat. This is the fundamental reason for lubrication, to be there separating the wear surfaces. The higher film strength of AMSOIL results in a dampening effect which our customers actually feel. AMSOIL Synthetic engine oils also have superior sheer strength which prolongs the film properties over an extended interval.
The reason AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have the effect of smoothing the operation of an engine is because of the quality of the base stocks. Others quickly sheer out of grade (SAE 30 to a SAE 20) as demonstrated in our motorcycle oil study.

However the final straw is the fact that many synthetics have a much higher base number (TBN) retention than petroleum-based formulations. The TBN is contributed by additives such as detergents and is a measure of a lubricant's ability to neutralize acid. The longer a lubricant can resist turning to acid, the longer it can be used. This fact, along with the decreasing cost differential of the two lubricants, is reason enough to use synthetics.

It's a fact that right now, mechanics and service specialists are just making the switch themselves. Tearing down engines, transmissions and other types of equipment is one way of seeing the results, but let's put tests, additive package data, and properties aside. Mechanics who up until recently were dead set against synthetics generally for the reason of the higher up front cost. They are stunned at how large the demand actually is outside of their garage doors and are learning that synthetic engine and drive train lubricants increase customer satisfaction significantly. Unlike AMSOIL, other synthetic lubricant companies provide zero training on the subject so most of their education originates from their customers if they are willing to listen.

In older vintage gasoline engines including those who desire higher concentrations of ZDDP for wear protection to protect cam lobes consider the following: the original AMO 10W40; 15W50 Dominator Series Racing Oil ; ACD 10W30/SAE-30 Diesel&Gas; AME 15W40 Diesel & Marine (best seller for this purpose) ; and the premium HDD 5W30. Amsoil will not discontinue any of these formulations. PLEASE view our service bulletin on these formulations using the proper levels of ZDDP.

Use the menu at the top to get your answers or call 1-800-579-0580

Most of my customers were Mobil 1 customers as the facts still remain, even though our certified tests prove we are better, my customers enjoy the increase in mileage, performance and most calls are regarding a decrease in oil consumption after switching to AMSOIL. The consumption problem decreased noticeably.

Mobil 1 no longer has the 100% Synthetic label on the bottles as they have switched entirely to lower priced Group III base stocks. No one really seems to know. I have the news flash reporting this when it happened. Quite interesting!
Mobil sues Castrol for using Group III's calling them synthetic - they loose so then as the old adage "If you can't beat them, join them."
Per the FTC you can say "Full Synthetic" without an ounce of group IV synthetic base stocks. But you can't label them as 100% unless they truly are including additives.

To be fair you can have a stellar "fully Synthetic" product, but without the unique position AMSOIL is in when it comes to blend trending and no holds barred when it comes to the cost of any additives used in production, no other lubricant company can compete with AMSOIL quality, results and performance. Our customers and sales speak this repeatedly!

The new Mobil 1 Extended Performance is now priced well over $9.80 per quart. (August 2012) The specifications fall somewhere between our XL 5W30 and the Signature Series. XL retail is almost $2.00 less than Mobil 1 Extended Performance while our more robust Signature Series costs $1 less per quart on average in the preferred customer pricing and lasts longer!! But AMSOIL XL and Signature Series will out perform in mileage, smoothness and oil consumption. (call to order 800-579-0580)

Update - the upgraded XL line exceeds DEXOS 1 (5W30) Fortified with detergents that exceed dexos1™ sulfated ash specifications. Guaranteed for 10,000 miles at a great price. Try a case for a twice per year oil change. AMSOIL also now has the NEW OE (Original Equipment) Line of motor oils - API Certified and beats the regular Mobil 1's price.

If you are dead set on Mobil 1 - try the Amsoil XL line - Cost less and it's made in USA!

What are the Truckers using now??

The higher costs of AMSOIL products are not at all a show stopper for over the road trucking outfits. They learn from each other out there that AMSOIL's new CJ4 DEO 5W40 is worth much more than the cost when they can go three times longer than conventional drain intervals.
Truckers are also commenting on their oil pressure after long durations. Many see Delo or others start to fade at 12,000 miles. Not with AMSOIL DEO 5W40 - More like 50,000 miles and still going. We now add better mileage and the savings from a overhaul to the costs. So oil priced more than the cost of a few dinners doesn't sound too bad after all does it?

AMSOIL recently went one step further by introducing a new SAE 50 Transmission oil (product code FTF) which goes beyond standard drains and matches the best of the newer transmissions. We back it for 5 years/500,000 miles depending on the OEM drain interval.  The OEM may recommend a drain interval of 180k for off road applications using their transmissions and 500k for an over the road truck with the same transmission and oil. 
Meets EATON PS-164 specification regardless of the transmission model, MACK TO-A plus spec, MERITOR 0-81 and more....

If you like Donaldson P-Series or Endurance oil filters you may want to check out AMSOIL's new EAHD oil filters. These have the Endurance technology but better flow and better filtration that the P-Series yet a lower cost!

Hey - and don't forget our bypass kits - The big trucks are getting word of our BMK30 coupled with the 1-gallon EABP120 filter. These units pay for themselves in no time and the savings is more than enough to cause a grin ear to ear many times on the road!!

AMSOIL President Al Amatuzio and Executive Vice Presidents discuss the past, present and future of The First in Synthetics®

In April, Lubes-n-Greases Automotive Editor David McFall visited AMSOIL INC. corporate headquarters in Superior, Wis., to tour the AMSOIL facilities and conduct interviews for his feature article on the company, slated for the August issue of Lubes-n-Greases. His article incorporates information from an in-depth interview with AMSOIL President Al Amatuzio and Executive Vice Presidents Alan Amatuzio and Dean Alexander. Following is an extension of that interview. (See the entire interview and story here)

What, specifically, does AMSOIL bring to the lubricants marketplace that other firms do not?

Al Amatuzio: AMSOIL is driven by quality. It’s how we survive. We are a relatively small company competing against some of the largest in the world. What sets us apart is the quality of our products. Our goal is to always stay ahead of the competition in terms of product performance. Base oil and additive suppliers know this, as well. They come to us with expensive technologies that other companies would have no interest in. AMSOIL insists on doing the right thing.

When we developed the first synthetic motor oil, there was no market, but the product provided benefits other oils didn’t. Our products could help equipment last longer, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. When AMSOIL introduced extended drain intervals in 1972, it was done because we figured out a way to do it and it was the right thing to do. It was right for consumers and the environment.
We, like other companies, are in business to make money, but our approach has always been to satisfy the needs of the customer first. That’s what generates our sales and profits...

Synthetics are a relatively small part of the lubricants market. Why is this so after you’ve been involved for 30 years?

Dean Alexander: U.S. vehicle manufacturers and the API have not made a push to differentiate quality levels of lubricants as is done in Europe. If we followed Europe's lead and established several tiers of quality and performance, including benefits for these quality improvements such as extended drain intervals, synthetic lubricants would have a much larger share of the lubricant market, just as they do in Europe.


Three of your engine oil products are API “starburst” licensed and five “donut” licensed. Most of your engine oil products are not API licensed. What has been the effect, either positive or negative, of licensing on your marketing?

- To see the answer to this question and more please visit the complete story.

One of the many displays for us dealers at the yearly Amsoil convention. Teague's off shore racing boat uses AMSOIL RD series racing oil.

Badmouthing Synthetics when we were the only one available.

September 2012 words from Founder Al Amatuzio's colummn:

Owning a business can be easy. Making it profitable never is. We face barriers every day, and it’s how we confront those barriers that determines our success. We can’t run and hide when frustration sets in. We have to dig in and work our way through.

We didn’t run when vehicle manufacturers refused to recognize
the value of our synthetic oil. We pushed forward, we persevered and little by little we gained market share.
Today, of course, vehicles come off the assembly line equipped with synthetic oil. We didn’t run when virtually everyone scoffed at extended oil drain intervals. We stuck to it, we led the way and
now the 3,000-mile oil drain interval is a thing of the past. Other motor oil companies are now introducing extended-drain oils and acting like they invented new technology.
We face some different barriers today, and we’re still not running. It is well documented that many vehicle and powersports equipment dealerships regularly advise their customers that
their warranties can be denied if the manufacturer’s brand of motor oil is not used. They use warranty denial as leverage to exclude the sale of competitors’ oils. This, of course, is against the law, and we have to address it head-on.


Read the article from a major lubricant trade publication regarding the history and value AMSOIL offers to consumers and the environment. It's titled "Anything but Conventional" Please read this excellent article (PDF)

I have always had an advantage of about 25 more miles per tank using the AMSOIL PI Gasoline Improver which one bottle treats 20 gallons for 4000 miles and fights severe problems caused by poor quality gasoline blends. AMSOIL Performance Improver is another value based product for those looking to increase mileage. Totally restores intake valve performance!

Customers using AMSOIL now often ask why would someone not take advantage of AMSOIL if they knew about it already.

AMSOIL does cost less. You may not be so sure now, but the reason city, county and state fleets including the largest state police fleet - The Texas DPS have switched entirely to AMSOIL after years of evaluation is because it allows them to operate on lower budgets.

AMSOIL synthetics and filters reduce their inventories, saves fuel in the thousands of dollars, provides an answer to severe problems they were having with component failures such as transmission wear and temperature related failures, saves time, fleet replacement decreases, increases all season performance and reduces vehicles out of service.

Ask your quick lube center to carry AMSOIL. Recently an article was published in Lubes n Greases discussing the two schools of thought within the fast-lube industry to sell the customer name brands or generics. What I have been assuming has been verified. For some time I have spent hours convincing lube centers to carry AMSOIL. Some centers see the advantages right away and do the numbers seeing how it benefits everyone.
A mechanics job is not about being an oil expert but it does help to understand the additive/basestock relationships and history of a lubricant company which defines the quality. Fortunately the customers have been doing their research placing AMSOIL high on a national survey of requested synthetics at the installer.

Please be wary of bulk oil stored in tanks - research articles in trade publications. The quality is lower than the canned oils. These can be tested and the NOACK volatility and viscosity can be verified.

Some providers of off-spec generic oils know some perimeters can be easily detected so often these lubricants will short-sheet other parameters that are more expensive to detect and less likely to be challenged. - Yes they do! The temptation to use these cheap motor oils continue to erode the trust and goodwill of the quick lube trade.

AMSOIL offers operators product consolidation. AMSOIL offers more synthetic products (transmission fluids, gear lubes, diesel, marine, motorcycle oils, filters and fuel additives) than any other oil company.
Consolidation cuts overhead & provides customers with better value and performance choices.

As a business owner free yourself from the destructive self imposed $24.95 oil change ceiling, become profitable. Win over customers from locations who fail to offer quality and properly educate the customer. The "Do It For Me" market is growing!


Timberline Landscaping Relies on AMSOIL Products for Increased Equipment Life, Reduced Downtime

Timberline Landscaping of Colorado Springs, Colo. has offered residential and commercial customers a full range of landscaping services since 1982, including landscape design, construction and maintenance. As any business owner can attest, reliable equipment is key to success. Timberline owner Tim Emick counts on AMSOIL products to keep his company’s vehicles and equipment in top working order.

Extended Equipment Life

Extending equipment life is essential to any landscaping company’s bottom line. Emick has accomplished this by using a multistage approach that focuses on purchasing high-quality equipment, using premium AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and following sound maintenance practices. The approach has allowed Timberline Landscaping to double the life of its zero-turn mowers, “going from a three- to four-year life span to a six- to seven-year life span,” said Emick. The company has had similar success with its work trucks, “keeping them eight to 13 years” rather than trading them in every four years. With respect to his skid-steers, Emick keeps them “until they reach the 5,000-hour mark, and due to our good maintenance practices and use of AMSOIL products, they’re in such good condition that we’re able to sell them for 2/3 of the original purchase price.”

Increased Reliability and Performance

“We don’t tolerate poor-performing equipment in this business,” said Emick. “It eats into our money-making ability and impacts the crew both physically and mentally. Downtime is not tolerated. If you’re not being productive, you’re not making money. If equipment doesn’t perform well, we simply boot it from the inventory. AMSOIL products have made a noticeable difference to the reliability and performance of our equipment.”

Severe-Service Protection

Among the many jobs Timberline performs for its customers is snow removal, often a daunting task following a heavy Colorado snowfall. In these instances, Emick and his employees push their equipment to the limit.

“The wet, heavy snow overloads the equipment and the equipment is used 24/7 until the snow is cleared,” said Emick. “AMSOIL products provide that extra peace of mind when we’re pushing our equipment to the edge. We’ve never had an engine fail in these instances.”

Reduced Maintenance and Repairs

“I was tired of crawling under trucks late at night to work on or replace an engine or tranny after everyone else went home,” said Emick. “AMSOIL synthetics helped me stop doing that.”

Citing his company’s success with AMSOIL products, Emick encourages other professionals to convert their vehicles and equipment. “AMSOIL products are going to save you time and money by reducing maintenance and downtime, increasing production and extending your equipment life.”



Stop oil consumption and superior fuel economy. “Five years later, the odometer shows over 280,000 miles
and my son-in-law has retired from the Air Force,” said Norman.
“The car had no engine issues during the five years
commuting to Denver and still runs very good.”
Norman also spoke of an experience with his 1999 Ford
Expedition. The Expedition’s rear end has positraction, and
when turning corners or when the positraction would disengage, Norman could hear a grinding noise.
“I found it rather disconcerting even though this is considered
the norm with the factory fill synthetic gear lube,”
said Norman. “I changed over to AMSOIL Severe Gear©
75W-140 Synthetic Gear Lube and the grinding noise is
gone.” (See Gear Oil Product lists)
Marshall saved money through the superior protection
provided by AMSOIL synthetic motor oil and AMSOIL Ea
Oil Filters, and Norman’s mind was set at ease by AMSOIL
Severe Gear Synthetic Gear Lube. Reduced maintenance
and equipment that lasts longer are two of the most evident
and prevalent benefits of using AMSOIL products. For some,
the savings are immediate; for others, the savings come over
time. Either way, when people find a superior product that
actually saves them money and provides peace of mind, they
certainly like to spread the word.
“Over the past 30 years, I have used all of the various
AMSOIL products,” said Norman. “They have never failed
to amaze me.”

21 Racing Gains Edge with AMSOIL
Take it from me - Once you use AMSOIL on the track you don't want to share the secrete with anyone. it makes that mich difference.Our mini-sprint race season and our first year of using AMSOIL is now over. We had more feature wins this year than the previous four years combined. We started out the year with a Yamaha R6 motor straight out of the bike, The only thing we did to it was drain the old oil and put AMSOIL in. We changed the oil on a regular basis and it looked good each time. Towards the end of the season when other racers were pulling their motors to have them freshened up ours kept running strong. We even had our motor protested towards the end of the season because someone thought we were running an illegal motor. The tech inspector tore our motor apart and of course found everything was legal and said the motor looked great and could not believe we had been running it all season. Look forward to running AMSOIL again next year and continue to increase on the number of wins.

Thanks AMSOIL!

Russ and Austin Kromberg
21 Racing and Supply

Dealer in the Synthetic Warehouse Group - Ron Ward services successful Honda Motorcycle Dealership.
AMSOIL adds to quality representation to customer

Amsoil increases traffic in Maxium Motor Sports in Allen Texas - a Honda Motorcycle dealership.Maxim Honda of Allen, Texas became a retail-on-the shelf
account for Direct Jobbers Ron and Sandra Ward
about 18 months ago.
“As a premier motorsports facility, we are always
looking for premier products that give us an edge over
the competition,” said Chris Gunter, Parts and
Accessories Manager. “AMSOIL has certainly been that
type of product. We have confidence that the products
do what the company says they will do. We have had
very good success and top-notch service from our
AMSOIL Dealers Ron and Sandra Ward. Thanks
AMSOIL for a great product line.”

Maxim Motor Sport/Honda was listed in Cycleworld’s
28th annual edition as one of the top 100 dealers in the
U.S. in 2008.
The Wards obtained the account through the AMSOIL
Leads Program. “We made contact and registered
them,” Sandra said. The Wards keep their accounts
through “exceptional customer service,” she said.
Maxim sometimes hosts events where vendors display
their product lines. “As a courtesy, we generally set the day aside to provide product information and
AMSOIL stickers,” Ward said. “Chris’ favorite rider is
Mike LaRocco, so when we attended AMSOIL University
2009 we got Mike LaRocco posters to bring back.
Needless to say, that went a long way in going the extra

Ward has seen customers at the Harley dealership
near Maxim Motor Sport walk over and purchase
AMSOIL products for their bikes.
“The superior AMSOIL product line is the reason we
have done so well in the motorsports community,”
Ward said. “Being able to offer a product for each
application makes for repeat sales not only in the
Retail-on-the-Shelf Program, but also from our home
office. People want to use AMSOIL because it performs as advertised. Find another oil which makes the bike ride so smoothly."

Even the harley guys walk over because H-D motorcycles run better on AMSOIL and cooler too.Gunter said sales of AMSOIL products are picking
up as the shop has increased its marketing. One of the
most popular products is AMSOIL SAE 20W-50
Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCV) for Harley applications.
“The AMSOIL products have been a nice addition to
our chemical line,” Gunter said.


Corvette Expert Recommends AMO 15W40 ZDDP Formula

Marc Haibeck of Addison, Ill., near Chicago,
services high performance Corvette ZR-1 engines exclusively
at his shop, Haibeck Automotive Technology.

Performance drew Haibeck and his Corvette talents to AMSOIL“The ZR-1 was a $26,000 option for a 32 valve
engine for 1990 to 1995 Corvettes,” said Direct Jobber Greg Finnican, also of the Chicago area. “There were
only a little over five thousand of them made.

Marc Haibeck is the most specialized person on the ZR-1.”
Haibeck owns a 1993 Corvette ZR-1 with the LT5,
375 horsepower engine.“From about 1990 to 1995, this
engine was the best performance engine made by
Chevy,” Haibeck said. “It reigned supreme in the automotive
Haibeck adds performance to the engines. “Everyone
wants an extra 20 or 30 horsepower,” he said.
“Amazingly, there are a lot of people who want 100 to
150 additional horsepower.”
The cars often are used in drag or road racing. “It’s
a lot of power,” Haibeck said. He started helping people enhance engine performance in the year 2000 and went full time in 2003.

“I’m the most specialized person in the world that
works on these cars full time,” he said. In fact, he said,
there are only three other technicians that work on
those specific engines in the country.
He has earned the respect of this group of elite car
owners and his name often appears in online forums as
“an opinion that counts,” Finnican said. “I know Marc
because I have a ZR-1.”

Haibeck became interested in AMSOIL 10W-40
Synthetic Premium Protection Motor Oil (AMO)
when he learned it is specifically designed to meet the needs of
car engines with flat tappets, such as those in the ZR-
1 engines. “That applies to the ’60s muscle cars as well.
The high-performance engines can’t use today’s oils, he said.
New API specifications do not meet the requirements
of the ZR-1 engines.
The removal of the EP (ZDDP)
additives makes the oil incompatible with the LT5
engines, Haibeck said. “AMO conforms to the SG and prior specifications,” he said.
“I made a big discovery that as the oil evolves it doesn’t necessarily get better; it’s simply changing.”
Haibeck began recommending AMSOIL AMO for
the engines because “it is blended specially to address
this technical requirement. AMSOIL solves the problem.”

Corvette owners comment on improved feel, temperature and throttle response with AMSOIL AMO 10W40He became a Dealer in September 2007.
In his job servicing the engines and upgrading their performance, Haibeck recommends AMSOIL AMO to his customers.
“Many of my customers were using Mobil 1,” he
said. “I expected people to resist the AMSOIL, but I have
not had a single person question my recommendation
He said his reputation in the ZR-1 circle is possibly
one reason why his customers take his recommendations
without question.
He wrote a technical article for a Corvette magazine
discussing the importance of using the correct motor oil
for the ZR-1 engine and recommended AMSOIL AMO.
“My most valuable asset is my reputation, and if I do
something like write that article, I have to be sure I’m
right,” Haibeck said. “The worst thing that can happen as
far as I’m concerned is for my integrity to be tarnished.”
He respects that AMSOIL motor oils are designed
specifically to meet the requirements of the engines.

“I was happy to discover that AMSOIL provides a
quality product based on the engineering requirements
rather than the marketing requirements of some other
motor oils scaled down in the name of profits,” Haibeck said.

AMSOIL's AMO 10W40 was the companies first product in 1972 and has become legendary in both high performance and earlier muscle car engines requiring more ZDDP anti-wear additives.

Heads that expand and contract at different rates causing premature head and intake gasket failure, coolant loss into the oil, and finally main and rod bearing failure. They also have a heavily loaded distributor gear, weak timing gears, and sludging issues.


Ambulance Service Saves Money with AMSOIL

(Before Mercy Regional switched over to AMSOIL products in the Ford-powered 7.3 and 6.0 liter diesel ambulances Dustin was spending much time each month just to keep them running as they were prone to injector problems along with EGR valve problems)

AMSOIL is the solution. No longer anchored to the big oil bozos.Our ambulance service decided to give AMSOIL Synthetic 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel, the Series 3000 5W-30 Diesel Oil (HDD) and Synthetic (ATF) a try to “see how well they would work" and if they could live up to their reputation.
We changed a total of 85 injectors on the ambulances. That's four injectors per month per unit!! That's using 15W-40 Rotella motor oil at 5,000 to 8,000 mile oil drains. We put an average of 100,000 to 115,000 miles a year on these ambulances. Two 2006 models have more than 250,000 miles.

Our ambulances run for three or four days without shutoff in real hot or cold weather.
Alright, here's what AMSOIL did for me: My expenses on parts are down 70 percent from 2007 and overall downtime is down 80 percent.”

The company now changes the oil in the vehicles at 20,000 miles. The EGR valves have not had to be changed and only two injectors required changing in the past 10 months.
I do not miss sleeping on the couch in the garage from changing injectors!

Dustin Larkin - Chief mechanic - Benton, Ill.

Who makes the best Synthetic Oils?

Realizing the superiority of a product can result from how well a manufacturer backs their own product. Another way is to analyze the industry publications. Study the markets. Pick up a free subscription of Lubes N Greases and see how the lubricant companies react to coming trends.

First one would observe that there are several new types of transmissions coming forth on the market. Wind turbines are needing new lubricant requirements. Diesel engines are creating limits for lubricant blenders due to EAP air quality requirements and traditional additive packages and base oils don't meet up to higher quality needs. While most lubricant companies (the big names you see on the shelf) operate for the highest profit margins and use marketing as the tipping point, AMSOIL technology starts where the others end - the lowest common denominator (as admitted by a noted Toyota lubricant engineer).

AMSOIL stands alone when they carry the technology to the next level. After being in this business for 13 years I can clearly see how. They have nothing to hold them back but to be the best they have to do it through the eyes of the customer in performance. Ok, but how do they do that?? The blending staff is unique because they can purchase and combine additives from a wider scale. Other companies are limited as to who and where they can make base oil or additive purchases. AMSOIL also holds a certain influence with the additive trending partially because of the relationships their chemists and founder has with these companies. It's a marvelous place to be!



Amsoil's quest to be one step ahead in quality and benefits never ends.

Dealership Opportunities

Perhaps you would like to increase your income? Do you want want to pay off bills or need help reaching those impossible goals? FIGHT Inflation!
Join us as a AMSOIL Dealer and take advantage of this growing industry. AMSOIL's bonus programs really pay.

Just look at our Compressor oils. Not mentioned in the overview above, the compressor oils are the product industry buys which helps our income when things are slow.


As one of the largest and certainly most energized groups recognized by AMSOIL, we offer communication and tools that work. We have been one of the top five dealers since 2004 and recognized as one of the top dealers at the national conventions.
We've made the top 10 in total group sales several times because our dealers are easily found by customers and others wanting to be dealers in their area. In June 2006 we ranked 18th in Total Organization and then made 9th in November 2006, 8th in February 2007 and hit our record sales in March landing us at a solid #6 but then doubled that volume thanks to the AGGRAND fertilizer (Amsoil product) in April 2008. For 2016 growth was easy with all the new products.

You can get started for as little as $30. Once you started receiving materials you will have a much better idea about which of the several opportunities to go after. The demand is here and growing. AMSOIL does not hold any requirements to dealers. Make money on the retail, great commissions and excellent bonuses.

Should you hold the skills to build a website, you are really in luck - this offers even more dealer opportunities. If you don't posses these skills, no problem. We will have you listed in no time and I can point you in the right direction to self educate yourself to build your own. It's like learning how to fly. I still say today the largest opportunity for an AMSOIL dealer is with our Commercial Account program.

One of my favorite shots. Al's first truck which helped him get his AMSOIL additives to the plant in the early 70's.

One last note on dealerships you may not see elsewhere, we pride ourselves on forwarding leads to all of our attentive amsoil and aggrand dealers and we get a LOT. We strongly suggest that if you are considering becoming a AMSOIL Dealer that you use our contact list (link at top of page) and join under one of our existing dealers we can count on such as Marty Gregor who does a fabulous job in Tampa to St. Petersburg Florida. Call me if you like and I will match you with a strong dealer closest to you or call any of our dealers. This is a smart plan as it results in more leads and possible trade show opportunities, website help and more.

Dealers of the Month November 2012 - Our dealer Mike Fehler in Fort Worth is really making the grade. Top commissions in the whole group due to his service to retail establishments and lube centers. Call Mike at 817-823-3571.
Also Jon Pyeatt in Tulsa, OK Phone: 918-234-3543.

Also for Canada we refer our customers to Joe Policelli. Joe works with the Toronto, Ontario warehouse.

Our 2000 squarefoot show room.AMSOIL's Corporate offices and manufacturing located in Superior Wisconsin. The Synthetic Warehouse is located in Sioux Falls, SD and we serve as a full service dealer for the entire country. We get a lot of, "I'm in New York, how can he help me from South Dakota?" Call and find out but we wouldn't offer our help if there wasn't an advantage! Most of our repeat business seems to be from the Orlando area which we could easily make a top dealer out of one if they joined us from there.

We ship to all 50 states daily. 11 warehouse locations including Alaska. We would like to feature our AMSOIL dealers in St. Louis, Lincoln, NE and Portland, OR. Usually have your order in 2 to 3 days.

C.H. Cain - AMSOIL Star Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
Count on us every day!

AMSOIL - "The First in Synthetics"

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