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Amsoil reduces maintenance with our greases and gear lubes. Lower temperatures are the result in less energy used.Amsoil reduces the amount of product needed as maintennce intervals can usually be extended per analysis.The farming industry turns to AMSOIL for legendary protection and value.


Examine your long term budget strategies. AMSOIL Industrial grade synthetic lubricants add up to increased productive time.

Learn the AMSOIL Advantages over OEM fluids!

The AMSOIL Hydraulic Oils are the first and only ones in the US at the moment to meet the new MEHF Efficiency rating. Reduce your mobile hydraulic energy costs by 5 to 15% or increase productivity the same amount!

These also eliminate the need for seasonal fluid changes saving you more. Expect this industry lead only from AMSOIL!! Call 800-579-0580 for details and the info packet.


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Yes - We sell to both large and small applications. We often get calls asking, "Do you sell small quantities to individuals?" - Absolutely! The compressor Oils are available in quarts as well as various drums. Please don't hesitate to call for price. Call 800-579-0580.

AMSOIL - The most recognized name in PAO based Industrial and Heavy Duty Lubricants.

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AMSOIL - Hydraulic Oil For Every Application


AMSOIL has a full family of products suitable for hydraulic applications. These products are full synthetic products that offer increased life, lower wear, temperature reductions and energy savings.


AW Series anti-wear hydraulic oils are available in a wide range of viscosity grades for all applications where anti-wear additives are required. Solve overheating problems. (Data Sheet)


HV Series - Amsoil's latest product line (June 2012) which is a new lower cost version of the AW Series offering a Synthetic Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil blend of high-viscosity-index base oils and performance additives provides all-season protection and reliable operation in all types of hydraulic systems. Its proven wear resistance and varnish-control deliver maximum hydraulic system performance and life. Synthetic Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil is additionally tailored to promote energy efficiency and foam suppression.


RC Series is a product line with a full range of viscosities and is utilized where R & O type oils are recommended.


BHO is a biodegradable hydraulic oil and is a suitable in environmentally sensitive applications such as the logging industry or in equipment near water.


RCE is an ISO-10 fluid that can be used in hydraulic applications requiring a light oil.


ATH is an ISO-46 5W-30 Universal tractor hydraulic & transmission fluid, and excellent value for use in mobile hydraulic systems. One of AMSOIL's first products and one of the top favorites with our commercial accounts.



AMSOIL Hydraulic Oils

Investing in the Best Quality Hydraulic Fluids

Jump right to our latest low cost Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

You get what you pay for, and what you get must be a distinguished from what it really costs you in the long term.

Why should you consider buying only the best quality hydraulic fluids? Play it safe with AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Many buyers asking this question are torn between buying an inexpensive hydraulic fluid for a couple of dollars per gallon or paying eight to ten times as much for the best performing hydraulic fluid on the market.  The decision for educated buyers is quite clear.


AMSOIL Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids Excel in Product Performance:  

  • AW Oils meet the requirements for Maximum Efficiency Hydraulic Fluid (mehf)
    and can lower costs and/or increase productivity in mobile equipment by 6 to 15%.
  • AMSOIL synthetic base stocks allow for cold temperature operation without the need for supplemental heating units. 
  • The low temperature fluidity of AMSOIL Hydraulic Fluid allows for less start-up pump wear and longer component life.
  • See DATA SHEET - AMSOIL HV Hydraulic Series
  • See DATA SHEET - AMSOIL AW Series Hydraulics
  • See DATA SHEET - AMSOIL BHO Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
  • AMSOIL synthetic hydraulic fluids, due to their unique molecular structure, have no open hydrogen bonds which could become bound with water molecules.  This effectively hampers damaging water formation.  Lesser quality hydraulic fluids actually promote the formation of water. 
  • The molecular structure of AMSOIL Hydraulic Fluid reduces friction and lowers heat in systems, which also lowers oxidation rates and varnish build-up.  This has a direct impact on longer oil life, less intermittent failures, less down time, lower maintenance expenses and lower fluid disposal costs. Our customers often note the immediate significant reduction of temperature to all hydraulic components solving several overheating issues.

·         Hydraulic leaks that can result in fires are a major concern of safety experts.  Traditional hydraulic oils have dangerously low flash, fire and auto-ignition points.  More than one hydraulic fluid leak has caused a major fire. In fact, in many applications insurers specify fire-resistant hydraulic oils.  AMSOIL Hydraulic fluids offer much better flash and fire points.  These features, much like the side impact air bags and crash cage in a Volvo, provide the operator with peace of mind.

Most people would certainly eliminate a vehicle for potential purchase if they had concerns about safety, performance and long-life, trouble-free operation.  Hydraulic systems are the workhorse of most industrial operations.  Shouldn't the impacts of increased life, safety and reliability, not to mention lower overall cost of ownership, be considered in purchasing decisions?

In the final analysis, it comes down to this: you get what you pay for and what you pay must be distinguished from what it really costs you (or could cost you) in the long term.

****For the list of Hydraulic Oils please visit the Industrial Oils List****


Hydraulic Oil Basics


One term that can be used to characterize hydraulic lubricants is variety.  Hydraulic oils are sold by virtually every oil company and encompass a wide range of viscosities and performance characteristics.  There is also a broad range of hydraulic oil quality in the market­place.  Some hydraulic oils are actually sold wholesale at less then $2 per gallon, while certain specialty fluids can command prices of $60 or more.


 The most commonly used hydraulic oils are anti-wear (AW Data Sheet) and rust and oxidation inhibited (R & 0) oils.  There are also biodegradable hydraulic oils that are used in more sensitive areas, as well as fire-resistant hydraulic oils that are used where there is a fire safety issue.

 High performance hydraulic oils are usually PAO-based synthetic oils such as the AMSOIL AW Series and RC Series.  These oils are characterized by a wide operating temperature range, and are designed for newer high speed/pressure low capacity systems. Modern equipment puts more load on the fluid than ever!

 These oils are designed to last several times longer, operate in much higher temperatures than conventional mineral hydraulic oils and because of the new MEHF rating we exceed - will function like a multi viscosity meeting the next lower viscosity. Operators are sometimes forced to change from ISO 22 in the winter to ISO 100 in the summer in order for their hydraulic systems to operate properly. By using AMSOIL mehf hydraulic oils (AW Series) operators can use one fluid year round with increased efficiency from productivity and/or fuel savings in mobile equipment.

Biodegradable hydraulic oils are made using a vegetable base such as rapeseed or synthetic esters.  Rapeseed type oils such as Texaco's Biostar' have a much shorter useful life when compared to synthetic biodegradable's such as AMSOIL BHO , which may last up to 10 times longer yet ours breaks down in a much more environmentally way.

Fire-resistant fluids are also being marketed such as Mobil Pyroguard 53, a synthetic phosphate ester with a flash point of 243' C or 470' F.
Note, however, that AMSOIL  AWH (ISO 32) has a flash point of 244' C or 471' F. If you don't require a fire-resistant fluid please consider AMSOIL.

On the lower end of the hydraulic oil spectrum are mineral oils made with paraffin base oils.  These oils are not designed for long life and usually have a minimal additive package.  These are typically used in systems that have a lot of leaks and can often be found in mining and agricultural applications.

Other mineral hydraulic oils use naphthenic base stocks and have an unproved additive system for slightly longer life and better short term protection.

Synthetic hydraulic oil should be considered as a replacement for mineral-based hydraulic oil due to its higher operating temperature capabilities, noticeably higher efficiency, reduced wear and increased lubricant life.


PC Series for Rotary Compressors -  

A critical component to a well-planned lubrication strategy contributes to equipment availability.Compare AMSOIL's price to Ingersoll Rand's Ultra Coolant.

Call to get the current price on AMSOIL PAO and Ester based Compressor oils. See below how you will cut operating cost using our product. Our oils cost significantly less than OEMs as well. Trust 30 years of AMSOIL's synthetic innovations. Compare our PCI to AEON 9000SP, a common OEM.   Call 1-800-579-0580 to buy wholesale.

      Also see our SEI series to replace Sullair Sullube 32® and Ingersoll-Rand SSR Ultra-coolant. More than twice the quality at a fraction of the price. Click here for the data sheet. Read below for our PAO product.

The best selling AMSOIL compressor oil for rotary screw compressors is PCI compressor oil.  PCI is the result of extensive and expensive product research and development.  Research, field testing, past experience and benchmarking against several competitive products proves PCI best of PAO/ester synthetic compressor oils.  AMSOIL does not make this claim lightly; this compressor oil was bench­marked against eleven other compressor oils including oils manufactured by or for Mobil, Summit, Gardner-Denver, Sullair, Kaeser and Ingersoll-Rand.  Compressor oils are required to have balance to perform well in many areas including oxidation resistance, acid formation control, foam resistance, rust protection and general wear control.  Not only was AMSOIL PCI ($82.00 commercial account price - 5 gallon) the best all-around performer, it retailed for almost $400 less per drum than the oil that finished in second place.  The complete study entitled "White Paper #7" (G-1592) is available here. Please click on the link below. You will conclude how AMSOIL PCI and our other viscosities will greatly contribute to equipment availability.

Rotary screw compressors operate in severe environments.  Compressor oils get hot and are exposed to high volumes of oxygen and constant churning motions.  The charts in the white paper show AMSOIL PCI performance compared to other common oils in the RBOT test (ASTM D-2272) for oxidation (and other tests).  The test is a rapid way of determining oxidation resistance.  Higher numbers indicate a longer lasting oil.  AMSOIL PCI typically lasts over 8,000 hours in most rotary screw compressors. But especially at our lower price, reconditioning the lubricant will extend the operating life of the equipment while significantly reducing your bottom line.

Foam is an undesirable characteristic in any oil because it reduces the lubricating quality of the oil as well as the protective film. Do you know where your oil rates? The OEM's score the lowest. In the ASTM D-892 Foam Stability Test, air flows through 200 ml of each test oil. The test is conducted in three stages and the amount of foam is recorded at each stage in ml. Sequence I is at 75’F, Seq.II at 200’F, and Seq. III is at 75 again. The most desirable result would be reported 0/0/0. This means zero foaming was present at any stage during the test.  Again, see the actual documented results in the included chart in the white paper. AMSOIL achieved this rating!

See White Paper #7  - comparative tests between AMSOIL, OEM's and other competing lubricants.

AMSOIL will continue to lubriacte, preventing permature wear.

This photo compares Ingersoll-Rand SSR Ultra-CoolantÒ and Sullair Sullube 32Ò with AMSOIL SiroccoÔ Synthetic Compressor Oil. Only SiroccoÔ readily separates from water.

Requirements for Reciprocating Compressor Oils

  1. Carbon Formation Resistance

            Reciprocating compressor lubricants need to resist oxidation, which leads to carbon deposit formation which reduces efficiency and is a fire safety hazard.

  2. Antifoam:

         Compressor oils should inhibit foam because foam provides no lubricant protection and will shorten compressor component life.

  3. Demulsibility:

            Humidity in the air condenses as it is compressed and forms water, which can get past the rings and into the oil sump. Quick separation from water is desirable because it eases removal and prevents lube degradation.

  4. Hydrolytic stability:

            A compressor oil must resist water degradation. The better the hydrolytic stability, the longer the oil will be able to maintain its structural integrity.

AMSOIL compressor oils excel in all of these areas.  


Reciprocating Compressor Oils –

Updated Data Sheets: PC SERIES (best for uses of 150 PSI or less or discharge temperatures of 250 or less and where small quantities of fluid are needed.)

DC Series (Necessary for multi stage reciprocating units running at pressures over 150 psi or have discharge temperatures beyond 275 degrees. Use the DCL in older units with more wear)

Large scale reciprocating compressors require less service with AMSOIL PAO.AMSOIL has created several superior compressor oils that are well-suited for the needs of the modern reciprocating compressor.  AMSOIL PCK is an ISO-100 synthetic compressor oil and offers several advantages over other commonly available compressor oils.  Its special synthetic chemistry has been designed to resist the damaging effects of high temperatures that are often generated during piston-based compression.  Its ability to resist heat and oxidation allows it to be used for significantly longer oil drain periods when compared to other common compressor oils.  It has also been designed to address two major operational problems all compressors are confronted with: foaming and moisture accumulation 

Foaming in a compressor lubricant leads to metal-on-metal contact which will lead to excessive wear.  AMSOIL PCK is designed to prevent foaming to protect sensitive internal compressor components. Typical Commercial PCK price - $1100.00 per 55 gallons. Further discounts apply.

Moisture accumulation in a com­pressed air device is an inevitable condition due to water vapor suspended in the air.  It is equally detrimental to compressor operation due to its tendency to deteriorate metal components and inhibit the lubricating qualities of a compressor lubricant.  It also creates environmental concerns when disposing of compressor discharge matters.  AMSOIL PCK is designed to demulsify or separate easily from water.

Typical reciprocating compressors can require from 30 to 300 gallons of compressor oil for standard operation and therefore can be quite expensive to maintain at peak operating efficiency.  AMSOIL PCK is designed and priced to provide compressor operators with long oil life, cleaner compressor operation and an extremely favorable lubrication cost per hour. There are also special types of compressors that have been designed to withstand very high discharge temperatures (>275' F) and require special diester synthetic compressor fluids that can generate softer carbon deposits on valves.  AMSOIL also carries DCK and DCL fluids for these applications.  AMSOIL DCK is an ISO- 100 fluid and AMSOIL DCL is an ISO 150 fluid.

Amsoil Compressor Oil lowers overhead costs.


Industrial oils overview - Includes all ISO Data and product recommendations. Please note when comparing our data sheets to the petroleum or synthetic PAO/Diester counterparts the viscosity index, pour & flash points, foam sequence tests, and demulsibility/air release tests. Compare popular brands such as Esso Teresso, Exxon Tressetic, AEON 9000SP, Mobile DTE Medium, Utrachem Chemlube and more.


Farm Applications

Farm Products - Amsoil has an abundance of lubricants to lower farming operation costs and down time. 

Versatile For Most Applications: In most cases, AMSOIL lubricants eliminate the need for specialty lubes  AMSOIL products meet or exceed the performance specifications of a wide variety of farm machinery. Trust AMSOIL with your augers, driers, field attachments, and other grain processing equipment.

Bottom Line - Amsoil makes Farm Equipment easier to manage.

  • Better Protection
  • Less Product Needed during scheduled service
  • Less Time spent on maintenance and repairs
  • More Money Saved

AMSOIL Synthetic Greases Outperform Ordinary Grease! 

AMSOIL Synthetic Greases are recommended for all types of farm applications. The Multi-Purpose, Heavy-Duty and Water Resistant Greases each provide outstanding antiwear protection by significantly reducing friction and wear. Each is highly resistant to water washout and each imparts excellent rust and corrosion resistance. AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Grease is excellent for high-temperature, high speed or general applications. AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Truck & Chassis Grease is especially designed for low-speed and high-load applications, where bearings, suspension points and other precision clearances are subject to extreme vibration, dirt, water and pressure. AMSOIL Water Resistant Grease is ideal for applications where exceptional resistance to water washout is a must. Each is compatible with seals and designed to provide long-lasting performance and protection for your farm and other equipment.

Grease Overview below but please review our Grease Section for more information.

Heavy-Duty Synthetic Grease: Heavy-Duty Synthetic Grease is a moly fortified, high load-bearing, lithium complex, extreme pressure grease, formulated to provide exceptional lubrication and antiwear protection in heavy-duty applications.

Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease: Multi-Purpose Grease is a superior lithium complex grease that’s especially suited for use with all types of bearings (high or low speed). Multi- Purpose Grease is appropriate to any application where a high-quality grease is recommended. AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Grease is also available in a convenient aerosol spray can that allows easy transportation and application. Spray Grease also allows precise application in hard-to-reach areas, and its distinctive dye lets you see exactly where it’s been applied. 

AMSOIL Water Resistant Grease: Water Resistant Grease is ideal for application in wheel bearings, chassis and machinery where contact with water is common. It offers the thermal and oxidative stability, high viscosity index, extreme temperature performance and outstanding protection you expect in AMSOIL Greases, plus water washout resistance superior to any grease you’ve used. Also available: AMSOIL Synthetic X-Treme Food Grade Grease (U.S.D.A. Code H-1, NLGI #2). 


AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil, SAE 5W-30

Most hydraulic/transmission failures are caused by contamination or breakdown of the hydraulic fluid. Excess heat is a major enemy of hydraulic/transmission fluids. Nonsynthetic hydraulic fluids are likely to oxidize when exposed to the extreme environment of tractor transmissions and hydraulic systems. Oxidation leads to the formation of acids, varnish and sludge deposits. This can thicken oil, reduce lubricating abilities, accelerate wear, damage hoses and lead to further overheating and catastrophic component failures.

Tractor Transmission and Hydraulic fluid.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil is an all weather Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) engineered to meet the tough demands of heavy-duty, hydraulic-powered farm and commercial equipment. The ultimate in temperature control!

Its unique formulation of synthetic base stocks and additives effectively reduces wear, resists heat, protects against rust and extends fluid and equipment service life. AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil is recommended for extended oil drains based on oil analysis.

Please See our feature page on this Hydraulic Product for more data.


For Farming also check out our other division - AGGRAND Fertilizers. Save and convert to natural organic fertilizers. AGGRAND also features an instant calcium supplying Liquid Lime - easy to apply.

AMSOIL Synthetic Grease Product Line


Outfitted for Serious AMSOIL Business

Direct Jobbers Ivan and Pam Anthony of Monument, Colorado have the perfect vehicle to compliment their growing AMSOIL business.  Their new maintenance truck is completely outfitted to service the lubricant needs of local contractors.

'We are personally servicing over 100 pieces of equipment with AMSOIL products," Pam Anthony said.  One contractor whom they service has several compressors and 18 different excavators including a 365 Caterpillar which weighs over 155,000 pounds.  These machines require serious lubrication, and the Anthony's have been ready to demonstrate that AMSOIL lubricants can offer serious value.  "The contractor has reported that their maintenance costs are down," Anthony said.  "We are extending their engine oil drains up to four times longer and their transmission oil drains up to six times longer.  And their engine wear rates have been cut by 20 to 60 percent.”

At one point, Ivan Anthony knew that a 3306 engine he was servicing had a worn camshaft because a routine oil analysis told him the iron in the oil was up to 1,500 ppm with 250 hours of service on a petroleum-based oil.  Anthony switched the equipment's oil to AMSOIL synthetics, and the iron levels dropped to under 50 ppm.  When the engine was torn down for an overhaul 1,000 hours later, Anthony found that the camshaft lobes were completely worn off.  The AMSOIL synthetic lubricants had been able to reduce the wear long enough for the equipment to make it to its next scheduled overhaul.

"This is just one example of the remarkable results we have seen with AMSOIL lubricants," Anthony said.  "We enjoy our AMSOIL business and the people we are able to help with AMSOIL products."

AMSOIL Synthetic Compressor Oil (PAO) Data sheet



Ches Cain - AMSOIL Regency Direct Jobber

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