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Fill out this form and click submit to process your order. Or use if you would like to see what something costs. I usually return an answer within 10 minutes to an hour.
 Then if you want to order, simply call us back (as noted on my reply) and your order will be on its way from the nearest warehouse. (or just send me a email directly if you have questions)  Note: Shipping rates are excellent with a full order reaching 40 pounds. only .38 per pound.

We accept three major credit cards, personal checks and you can use Paypal if needed.

Ordering in this fashion is the simplest and most cost effective way to order next to being a Dealer or Preferred Customer! All AMSOIL dealer sites re-direct orders through the main AMSOIL site when you select the "order from AMSOIL direct" selection. I encourage your to fill out the form below, this way you deal directly with me. If you are in a hurry just call us directly. We do not share your information with anyone. We really want to earn your business. If you have any questions just call me directly at 1-800-579-0580. We love to talk with our customers.

 AMSOIL Dealers are not permitted post prices in our website's other than the direct ordering link to the AMSOIL store to keep a level playing field for all dealers alike. We can offer you a great price and the best service if you email, call or fill out the form below. Shiping goes down considerably (meaning 2 or more cases). Thank you.

The above link will help you get the right items for your vehicle to list in the form below. Use Amsoil in all your vehicles and make one order saving $ on shipping.

FOR Your Reference and to save time
Here's another booklet you can save for later - great PDF: Product Catalog . And here is the ONLINE RETAIL Catalog to bookmark, then compare to my price.
If you need to know what your vehicle uses and want to look up a filter use the above online application guide. Or use this ingenious and simple 6-page product selection and interval guide based on your vehicle.
Last you can look here to see the retail online ordering but do consult us as we want your return business and I am interested in earning your business by being the one dealer you can trust for best price, quick ordering transactions and accurate information.

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List as many as you need to. Year, make, engine, transmission and mileage if possible. (helps us match or make suggestions)

List what you need here:
(ex. case of 5W-30, Gallon of 15W-40 and two filters for my Subaru Outback. Also what's your price if I buy a case of your PI fuel additive with the above?)

Enter telephone # if you would like a call back - many times our reply is blocked by email systems OR we are very busy and it's faster for me to call you back.. No word limit in these boxes - type all you want.


Reach us anytime at 1-800-579-0580

If you are purchasing for your business, we also have no fee Commercial and Retail accounts. Easy to sign up. Just list the nature of your business and we will let you know if you qualify.

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