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Follow AMSOIL's recommended intervals to reach lowest cost of ownership. It's what we specialize in.

AMSOIL allows the fleet owner to control maintenance costs and solve problems which eliminate costs which are generally regarded as predicted or normal failures from heat, wear, miles or hours.
Why not keep your equipment longer while at the same time reduce emissions and energy costs?

See why we say, lower cost of ownership for fleets.

Does your fleet require several grades of engine and transmission lubricants? With AMSOIL, you can consolidate with universal products!

Light-Duty Diesels mid year 2007 which do not have the "Diesel Particulate Filter" exhaust system installed you do have a choice of using our orgional CI4+ oils.
Take advantage of the full robust formula of AMSOIL AME, ACD and HDD. Competitor CI4 Rated oils are almost impossible to find on the shelf. New CJ4 Ratings say they are compatible but they have shortened life and the detergency can't handle higher soot levels. It's almost as if these new ratings are designed to sideline your dependable diesel leaving severe deposits.
AMSOIL CJ4 rated oils are completely compatible in older units using the latest aggressive additive packages but in higher mileage pre 2007 know the original CI4 formulas remain available!
Just know that AMSOIL is the solution in all cases.

Product Directory:

Best Selling Diesel Oil5W-40 100% Synthetic Diesel Oil CJ4 (DEO)

(Proven best seller in all new diesels)AMSOIL's main recommendation for all newer diesels.

Choose this one for maximum fuel mileage. Outperforms 15W40.

modern 15W40 diesel oil CJ4CJ4 rated 15W40 Synthetic Diesel (DME)

Designed for extended drains in ultra low emmission motors. Delivers extraordinary lubrication in diesel engines in commercial, fleet and personal applications.

Low Cost 15W40 Synthetic for OEM drain Intervals. Meets CJ4. (OED)

Designed where OEM change intervals must be followed due to DPF up to 10,000 miles. Higher quality base stocks than the competition for a competitive price and better fuel economy.

OE Diesel Series 10W-30 (OEC)

For all diesels (CJ4). Excellent feedback for winter performance in older diesels too. One of our 7.3 Ford customers told of first time winter starts on the first turn of the key now!

Series 3000 100% Synthetic 5W30 Diesel (HDD)

CI4+ Non-DPF; highly energy efficient. Best seller for the Ford 6.0 and others. My personal favorite in older gasoline cars. Best detergent of any AMSOIL motor oil.

Our own best selling 15W40 - cor classic cars too.15W40 Synthetic Diesel & Marine CI4+ (AME)
(AMSOIL's best selling product for all non-DPF or earlier than 2007 models) Best value in a diesel oil. Classic car owners know about this one!

SAE 30/10W30 Synthetic Diesel Oil CI4(ACD)

Known as the Diesel/Gas Fleet and Farm oil. Great in tractors, skid steers, turbo & gasoline engine fleets. all-season multigrade lubricant with a wide operating temperature range. Formulated without viscosity index (VI) improvers.

Synthetic 20W/50 High Performance Diesel & Gasoline Oil (ARO)

Use where higher viscosity is needed to combat excess wear or consumption. Great for motorcycles too.


Diesel Fuel additives & Diesel Un-Thaw - A must!

Transmission and drivetrain lubes

New - Long Life SAE 50 Transmission Oil (FTF)

Oil Filtration Bypass Kit "partial flow" for OTR Trucking.

Bypass kits for vehicles with under 15 gallon capacity

Amsoil "Ea" Absolute Efficiency Nanofiber Air Filters

AMSOIL "Ea" Absolute Efficiency Oil Filters (Absolute @ 15-microns)

Donaldson Endurance™ Series Filtration Products

AW Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids

HV Multi-Viscosity Synthetic Hydraulic Oils (Great Price)

Amsoil's Technical Services Director Dave AndersonSee just how effective the By-Pass System is in your vehicle both diesel and gas by watching this recent sales presentation. As a dealer the bypass filter (Partial Flow) is one of the best selling AMSOIL product because it works.

Fuel Dillition problems in 2007 to present light duty diesel trucks.


Refuge Hauler Impressed by significant time and costs savings thanks to AMSOIL

Open brochure by clicking on the images.


See the broad-spectrum of improvements to your truck AMSOIL provides.


Print and Save - Diesel Tech Service Bulletin Fuel Dilution Issues in 2007 – Present Light-Duty Turbo-Diesel Pickups - Use AMSOIL DEO, DME and OED


The latest Diesel Products brochure. This Amsoil Diesel Overview is easily printable so you can enjoy at your desk! Just click on the image below.

New Amsoil Diesel Brochure


Is an AMSOIL Commercial Account For Me?

Well, it's free if you call us at 800-579-0580 but are the products worth the time looking into??
If you read the last page in the 8.2% brochure you saw how AMSOIL saved one trucking fleet $188,000 in fuel savings alone! Even if you are a small pest control operation or supplier with half a dozen vehicles calculate 5-15% savings on annual fuel expenses, cut your oil change costs by 1/3, double the life of your vehicles, Reduce component failures due to reduced heat and oxidation and save time.

AMSOIL Commercial Account holders pay the absolute lowest price for product. There are no fees and you just order when you need product. Call 800-579-0580 for the price lists.

Customers who bought AMSOIL diesel oils also bought:

Diesel Fuel De-Icer - Thaws frozen diesel fuel Synthetic Polymeric Grease amsoil diesel fuel additive with cold flow.
Amsoil Diesel Recovery thaws Frozen diesel fuel at the filter. Never head into cold climates without it! The grease technology that will have you writing home! Polymeric Truck Grease. Diesel Fuel Additive w/ Cold Flow - Multipurpose - have a look!

Generally Speaking you can spend $3.50 for one good quart of oil which lasts just about as long as the manufacture suggests or spend $5.82 for one quart of a superior synthetic oil which lasts 3 times longer under heavy load with several other benefits to boot! Call us for a price list or an Account Packet today.

Owners of these popular trucks should read the pages these links lead to for more AMSOIL Information:

Ford Powerstroke Recommendations  - Specific Vehicle Information

Dodge Cummins Recommendations  - Specific Vehicle Information

Chevy/GMC Duramax Recommendations - Specific Vehicle Information

* New Performance tests including 5W30 Diesel in Trucking Fleet *

Need to be convinced?
Here's a great article making the case for Synthetic Diesel Oils for the fleet. Mentions how the new engine oil requirements of CI4, Price of Synthetics no longer unattractive.CI4+ and CJ4 have caused the price increases to conventional while Group IV type Synthetics such as AMSOIL (mentioned in article) have not increased in price as much clearing price from the argument.

The article shows how many other costs can be significantly reduced when using a serious oil change program. Intervals and life of beverage vehicles in one instance were improved in conjunction with oil analysis.

Years ago Eaton started offering extended warranties in drivetrain products when Synthetics were used from an approved list. I remember 10 years ago when I would tell someone this they would not believe this at all as the conventional wisdom was that Synthetics were not only expensive but could cause a number of costly problems. Fortunately the nay-sayers were wrong! The Engine side of the industry is starting to catch up.

Freightliner Testimonial - Excellent! - Read how AMSOIL Commercial account Gerlach Trucking of Erskine, Minnesota reduced 12 oil changes or 480 quarts to only one oil change and 40 quarts over a 212,000 mile period using the Dual Guard and Series 3000 5W30 Heavy Duty Diesel Synthetic motor oil and enjoyed increased mileage. Engine wear charts attached.

Witness benefits of AMSOIL Cetane Boost Additive


$188,000 Savings in Fuel??  - Read about the over the road mileage test using three test and one control vehicle with identical equipment. Vehicles were 1995 International Model 9200 truck-tractors with Cummins M-11 engines (rated at 350 hp at 1600 rpm), Fuller RTXF 14710B transmissions, Eaton Model DS/RS 404 drive axles (3.90 ratio), 11R-24.5 low-profile tires and new oil and air filters. All four vehicles had been operated between 250,000 and 285,000 miles prior to the study.

ALSO SEE Drivetrain Lubes. Our transmission products increase fuel economy, lower temperatures and last many times longer. Our Gear lubes have a lifetime guarantee in passenger vehicles! 

TOWING AND RECOVERY – This monster tow truck is one of Mike Tauber’s towing and recovery trucks in Linthicum Heights, Md. He says AMSOIL products keep the truck “running and running” without any mechanical problems. (See article on our home page)

Sharing The Miles Together

Haywood Gray and His AMSOIL Legacy


AMSOIL's notorious drain interval MACK customer.It is no coincidence that the name Haywood "Woody" Gray holds a special significance in AMSOIL circles. Gray's story has been featured in dozens of publications including AMSOIL's Action News, Service Line, Direct Line, a small library of brochures and pamphlets and even video tapes documenting his experiences with AMSOIL extended drain intervals. His experiences stand as an example of AMSOIL quality and cost savings for all to see.


Back in the early road trips

Haywood Gray began using AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine 15W-40 Motor Oil (AME) in the E9-400 V-8 engine of his first truck, a 1984 Mack, after the engine accumulated 45,000 miles. For 280,000 miles, Gray changed his oil at 40,000- to 60,000-mile intervals even though his oil analysis reports showed, without exception, that the oil was good for continued use.  At 325,060 miles Gray increased his oil drain interval to 100,000 miles.

The engine was torn down at 600,000 miles when Gray decided to sell the truck.  The cylinder liners, bearings, pistons, rings and oil pump, which were all treated to extended oilExtended intervals have done Gray well. drain intervals with AMSOIL, were found to be in excellent condition.

Gray continued using AMSOIL AME in the engine of his new truck, a 1990 Mack with an E7-400 engine.  He also determined that the new truck would also be the start of a new oil-draining program.  He decided that instead of using his previous 100,000-mile oil change guidelines, he would base his oil drains on the findings of a used oil analysis program.  He also installed an AMSOIL By-Pass Filtration system.

After 630,000 miles total and 409,000 miles without an oil change, the E7-400 engine was torn down by the local Mack dealership in December 1996 and its parts were examined by an engine rater from a major oil additive manufacturer.

What the team found was surprising to everyone ­except perhaps Haywood Gray.

The engine showed light to moderate wear through­out, just as an engine in similar service and lubricated with conventional petroleum oil changed at 20,000­ mile intervals would show.  In addition, according to the engine rater, the parts he examined - cylinder liners, pistons, rings, bearings, valve train components could have been put right back in the engine and would have continued to provide the good, dependable service they had provided all along.  And all this after 409,000 miles without an oil change!

So, what's Woody doing now?

Gray now drives a 1999 Mack with an ET 460 engine, an Eaton 13 speed transmission and 386 Eaton rears.  As soon as he bought the truck it was retrofitted with AMSOIL 75W­90 Gear Lube and the engine changed over to his old favorite - AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine 15W-40 Motor Oil.  He also had a BMK-12 By-­Pass Filtration system installed.

  As of July 2003, Gray had over 330,000 miles on the engine, and has racked up 290,000 miles without an oil change.  He has decided to change filters and take oil samples at 40,000-mile intervals.  So far, the samples have shown that the oil has not needed to be changed.  Soot levels have also remained well within the recommended Mack limits.  The truck is greased with AMSOIL products every 40,000 miles when it is time for a filter change.

Gray likes to point out that his fuel mileage is a constant 7-mpg, while other truckers hauling under similar circumstances and with similar equipment average only 5.5 to 6 mpg.  But he also knows that's just one of the many benefits AMSOIL has to offer.

AMSOIL Popular with Smart City Fleets

Smart municipalities choose AMSOIL to cut costs, extend equipment lift and save taxpayers money.

Local AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ron Ward knows his product contains the properties and value no other product can match. When it comes to bidding for government contracts Ron shows them the facts and when progressive purchasing departments listen, the taxpayers become the real winners. Because many of these towns now base their winning bids on "best value" rather than "lowest price".

AMSOIL has been making the work a lot easier for maintenance shops and buyers alike. On the other hand there are still many departments that rely on the cheapest products and/or their product requirements are way out of date. Other inferior synthetic products or additives have crated a road block in their minds which end up costing us all. Luckily this trend is changing as the knowledge of true PAO synthetics, soot control and extended intervals is brought to light. Once they see transmission failures reduced by 80% in squad cars the light suddenly turns on!

Fortunately AMSOIL's 30 year reputation has made it's mark in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. Departments such as City of Dallas, City of Lewisville, Farmers Branch, Plano, Richardson, University Park, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Fort Worth T, Denton County and several others. When they have a problem AMSOIL becomes the obvious solution.

University Park had a serious problem with their ambulance transmissions overheating. Ron showed them the merits of the Universal ATF including the extended life and the problems ceased to exist. With some of the others, oil analysis proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had eliminated their costly downtime problems. Because AMSOIL is the recommended grease for new fire department equipment, it has opened doors for the rest of the product line in later bids.
Like I mentioned on the front page, AMSOIL is your ethical choice for your fleet or small business.

Ches Cain - Owner - The Synthetic warehouse 1-800-579-0580

San Diego AMSOIL Dealer



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